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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Putin talks tough after Moscow subway bombings | Are U Listening Barry?

This is the kind of rhetoric I like to hear after terrorists set off bombs inside subway trains and sadly that rhetoric has to come from a Russian Dictator "light" but until more leaders cop this attitude these Muslim terrorists think they can get their way with "indiscriminate bombings of innocent citizens as they have now for over a decade.

'We know they are lying low, but it is already a matter of pride for the law enforcement agencies to drag them out of the sewer and into broad daylight,

'That's what I like to hear and hopefully the next president elected in THIS country has "a set" and "isn't afraid to say it and back it up because the evil in the world today parallels anything we've seen in modern times and yet the preponderance of leaders are frightened of these mad Muslims causing mayhem wherever they are found. 

Yahoo! News
: "MOSCOW – The old Vladimir Putin is back, confronting a terrorist attack in Moscow by using the same kind of coarse and colorful language that helped him win the presidency a decade ago.

A day after twin suicide bombings in the subway that killed 39 people, the powerful prime minister told Russians that he is certain the masterminds of the attacks would be found. The security services have blamed extremists from the North Caucasus, a predominantly Muslim region in southern Russia that includes Chechnya.

'We know they are lying low, but it is already a matter of pride for the law enforcement agencies to drag them out of the sewer and into broad daylight,' Putin said, directing a transportation security meeting that was shown on Russian television Tuesday.

The choice of the gutter language recalled Putin's famous threat to 'wipe out the Chechen rebels in the outhouse' after they were blamed for a series of apartment building bombings that terrorized Moscow in 1999.

Putin, as prime minister at the time, sent in overwhelming military force to pound the region into submission and was elected president the following year."
I'd like to see the Al Queda terrorists in the Pakistani mountain region "pounded into submission" as well since we all know damn well the military is capable of doing it just as well as the decimated Russian armies can get it done if not even more easily than they. It's simply a matter of "cutting them loose" to do the job.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I know Putin's a commie ex-KGB bad ass and all but you really have to envy the Russian people. I mean, all you have to do is compare that image of Putin, bare-chested and fishing, with Zero in mom jeans throwing like a girl at the MLB All-Star game. What a disgrace.

  2. Of course it goes without saying that his human rights abuses are becoming legendary even in that semi commie democracy,  although in many ways the Russian people will be more free than we if this healthcare Obama care crud goes through.

    And take it from a man who's spent a decade disabled from MS who's finally walking again and knows that bullshit system from top to bottom and then sideways. It wasn't the government that put me in remission, it was me and my private Doctors and they predict societal collapse in short order through this ridiculous nanny state shit communists stay up at night dreaming about.

    I live in Chicago and I know Obama like few bloggers do even though I'm not well known int he media circus out there, but I will be once all my accurate thus far predictions of his grand failure come to full fruition I guarantee it...  :)


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