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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EDITORIAL: No Obamacare for Obama | Now there's a shocker to no one.....

No Obamacare for Obama -

EDITORIAL: Washington Times: "President Obama declared that the new health care law 'is going to be affecting every American family.' Except his own, of course.

The new health care law exempts the president from having to participate in it. Leadership and committee staffers in the House and Senate who wrote the bill are exempted as well. A weasel-worded definition of 'staff' includes only the members' personal staff in the new system; the committee staff that drafted the legislation opted themselves out. Because they were more familiar with the contents of the law than anyone in the country, it says a lot that they carved out their own special loophole. Anyway, the law is intended to affect 'ordinary Americans,' according to Vice President Joe Biden (who - being a heartbeat away from the presidency - also is not covered), not Washington insiders.

Mr. Obama frequently tossed around the talking point that the new law gave people the same type of coverage as Congress enjoyed. In his March 20 health care pep talk to wavering Democrats on Capitol Hill, the president said one of the advantages of the health care legislation was that 'people will have choice and competition just like members of Congress have choice and competition.' At yesterday's signing ceremony, Mr. Obama said Americans will be 'part of a big pool, just like federal employees are part of a big pool. They'll have the same choice of private health insurance that members of Congress get for themselves.' But the American people will have a public pool; the executive branch and congressional staffers kept their country-club pool private."  continued

AS the dems chunnel forward they continue the lear jet lib mentality which essentially comes down to this time and time again, and that is..

What Is Good For Me Is NOT For Thee" as Obama and all kinds of high level politico's in Obama's Gangster Disciple government have conveniently "opted out" of their own gosh darn healthcare clusterf***.

Isn't that sweet?  It's so freaking typical of the left of course,  and what particularly galls me about it is that the sheepish loons allow them to do it, (their elected reps) to continuously get away with this crap that average Suzie and Joe the electrician can't in the belief I think that they "too" can live their lives the same way through nanny state, lazy man bills like the one they just jammed through like Barney Frank working the Lincoln bedroom at an Obama Cock..tail party as I've simulated below....

 Blow off taxes. Not pay the bills you and your little tribe incurs along their ride, always looking for ways to tell others how to spend "their" money  along with "where" and "how much" and "when".  Also included in the "How to game the system day in and day out" manual you also get....(sorry , Obama just reminds me of an overcooked Billy Mays sometimes selling his bull) instead of feeding into it like we law abiding folks do maybe stupidly but honorably at least.. unlike the government and the left of today does!

How ironic too is it that the man in charge of the department in charge of making sure you and I have "acceptable coverage and so on", the IRS is headed up by a gosh damn cheating and lying tax fraudster? It'a like Twilight Zone crud, no?

I can see I guess why taxes don't ever bother liberals because they never have to pay any for the most part,  except of course for the sales taxes on their smokes, rubbers and Colt 45 since 70% probably don't work. Otherwise, they wouldn't need all this **** for free because, any self respecting American pays their way, unless absolutely impossible from injury, illness or disability. At least it was that way until Social Security and then the answer to the non working poor, Welfare, we find this attitude is now acceptable in 51% of the country.

And this is why we have what we have in office today. He's the welfare president trying to level the perceived tilt in the playing field as much as he can as fast as he can, because he don't "trust the man" either and figures these handouts are a little reparation juice to keep em happy and his stay in DC would be short one way or another. .


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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