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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Democrats mired in swamp they vowed to drain - AP Awakened From Slumber

Where the hell have these people been over at the Associated Press as they run a piece today you just read the headline of as if Charlie Rangel somehow is any different than, say, John Edwards, or.. Rod Blagojevich, or ummm, Bill Clinton, or ummm, you get the picture.

Michelle Malkin wrote a book during the first Bush administration called "Culture of Corruption" and Nancy Freakin' Pelosi co opted it for the last election and everyone in the media bought that "drain the swamp" shit.

Republican corruption hasn't been close to this level, perhaps only once or twice in modern times and that would be Nixon, but the Democrats had Kennedy and Clinton.....and now all of a sudden they're calling some attention to this ongoing, and intolerable corruption from the top starting with Obama all the way down to bottom.

A bottom which just got lower today when yet another NY dem, this time Rep Eric Massa (Not Bahama Mama Rangel, that was yesterday) came out and basically said he won't run for re election (resigning essentially, just delaying it) for sexually harassing a male staffer in his office if you can believe that one.

Oh yea, why wouldn't anyone believe it, I forgot Sodom and Gomorrah is "in" and "down" in DC, and is getting more popular by election cycle thanks recently mostly to Barney, Foley, and Sanford and Friends. Not that they're the first "freakazoids" to hit that town, nor will they be the last sadly we can all be certain until the end of mankind at least.

So perhaps now the media is at least becoming personally bankrupt like the rest of the country, and are now ready to admit after they start losing "their jobs and fortunes" that theythe made a huge mistake and they'll realize these people need to be taken out!....out of office that is ;>)

Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON – A rash of ethics lapses has given Democrats an election-year headache: how to convince skeptical voters that they're any cleaner than Republicans they accused of fostering a 'culture of corruption' in 2006.

From the conduct of governors in Illinois and New York to back-room deals over President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, Democrats are drawing their own criticism when it comes to the ethics of public officials.

The party that pledged to 'drain the swamp' if given control of Congress finds itself sinking in the muck nine months from Election Day, when every member of the House and 36 Senate seats will be chosen.

The sword of sanctimony cuts both ways, warns a Republican felled by his own scandal in the weeks before the 2006 elections, as then-Rep. Nancy Pelosi led the campaign cry to end 'the culture of corruption that has thrived under this Republican Congress.'

'If you claim that you are going to hold a group accountable, as she professed, then it requires you to really be serious about that and not make excuses when members of their own party don't meet those same standards,' former Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned weeks before the 2006 election because of allegations he pursued former House pages, told The Associated Press.

'Otherwise,' he added, 'The public becomes cynical and suspicious.'"  more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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