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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Al-Qaeda threatens to kill Iraqis who vote - Americans Are Luckier Than We Know

This should make all Americans who skip their civic duty to vote when the opportunity to be heard arises feel terrible I would hope, as we as a county owe thanks to our men and women in the military who do all the sacrificing for our freedoms and right to vote nowadays.

That wasn't always the case as most of us did or do have fathers, grandparents and great and great great grandparents who were involved and or served in WWI, and WWII, also known as "the big one" as Archie Bunker used to call it that fought for those freedoms we enjoy as well.

Almost every generation payed a war cost since the Revolution except recently.

And with an all volunteer force today, the population as a whole gets pretty much of a free ride on "the cost of freedom" thing, and that includes me and my baby boomer caboose generation I must admit.

However, each and every "now liberated" Iraq citizen who goes to vote in these historic elections that still continue,  thanks entirely to the historic Bush and Blair overthrow of the evil and murderous Saddam Hussein regime, put their very lives in danger just by stepping out the door to go vote, much less actually show up at the polling stations, which they will do in percentages greater than we do in many states, particularly the one I live in, where dead voters outnumber the living each election cycle.

Only 20% showed up for the recent primary and that's why a Pawn Shop owner ended up as the dem Lt Gov candidate you may have heard who was "pushed aside" by the establishment to be replaced by someone the voters didn't choose. Nice, huh?

That should make us all feel lucky as can be and also ashamed, as I know it does me when I think of the times earlier in my life I didn't give a damn which ultimately led to this criminal group we have there like a fungus over the past 3 decades for the most part minus Reagan and the Bush's "at times",

Although it is true that in some elections here in America nowadays, "you too" can too be taking your life into your own hands, especially when  you go to vote in Philadelphia and run into this Black Panther scum at the door checking hood cred pictured above.  An obvious egregious display of voter intimidation right out of the civil rights era, that our reverse racist social justice distributing government  just so happened to ignore very conveniently, you'll remember recently I'm sure.
Al-Qaeda threatens to kill Iraqis who vote -

Yahoo! News: "BAGHDAD (AFP) – Al-Qaeda in Iraq on Friday threatened to kill people who vote in the war-torn nation's election and imposed a self-declared curfew during polling hours when millions are to cast ballots.

The Islamic state of Iraq, the Qaeda front in the country, in a statement two days ahead of Sunday's vote said anyone who defies the curfew would 'expose himself to the anger of Allah and... all kinds of weapons of the mujahedeen.'

The group, which has previously threatened to sabotage the poll and claimed responsibility for attacks that have killed hundreds in Iraq, delivered its warning after a series of suicide bombings left dozens dead.

'The Islamic state declares... a curfew on election day... from six in the morning until six pm, throughout Iraq and especially in Sunni areas,' US monitors SITE quoted it as saying in an Internet statement.

'For the safety of our people, any of those who learn of this, report it to those who do not know and supply yourself with needs for the curfew,' it said in a translation of the message which was posted on jihadist forums.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Qaeda front, had already threatened last month to disrupt the election by 'military means.'

The terror group's latest statement came with voting already under way for Iraq's estimated diaspora of 1.4 million in 80 cities in 16 different countries."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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