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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Sunday USA Hockey Gold Medal Madness

UPDATE 4:55 pm CST
Sad news as the team gave up a kind of cheap goal nearing half way into the overtime giving the win to the Canadians, which is good for them to close out their own Olympics with a win in the final event in overtime. How storybook can you get?

Not tonight for team USA but they played their asses off.  Silver for the United States isn't gold but ain't all that bad.

CANADA 3 USA 2 |  Final score.

UPDATE 4:30 pm cst: With the goalie pulled giving the US a one man advantage in Hockey's version of the "hail Mary Pass"  down one goal 2 to 1 with Canada 30 seconds away from the gold medal,  the US scores a miraculous goal notched by the New Jersey Devil's Zach Parise to send the last event of the 2010 Olympics into overtime!

Zach Parise in a previous round earlier in the Games

To be continued in overtime!!.......

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They don't get bigger than this one, even in the pros, although many of these folks are NHL stars on almost all the Olympic teams, with six of them being top players for the Chicago Blackhawks, which is very cool for the local fans, as the team is one of the league's best and most surprising this season, just like the overachieving Olympic team.

In fact 6 Blackhawks total, who are pictured below, appeared in these 2010 games, with only 2 being sent home so far, choosing instead to play for their "inferior" Eastern European homelands' teams instead of the US...haha. ;) lol.

They shake out as follows:  Patrick Kane played for the United States, Marian Hossa and Tomas Kopecky played  for Slovakia, and Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook all play for Canada today. Oh oh. ;)

The game is this afternoon at 3:15 Eastern and will be pretty near the only few times I've turned on the Olympics I'm afraid, as I've  basically just turned off by the entire "Bush hating, Obama loving" NBC stable of so called "reporters" who are all there living it up having a good old time while the country suffers from their water carrying.

So good for them I guess since that network and a few others will be seeing fewer and fewer good times up ahead.

The final will be aired live in all time zones by NBC. The first U.S.-Canada game last weekend was shown on the MSNBC cable network, where it was seen by 8.2 million people, according to the Nielsen Co. That tied election night 2008 as the most-watched event on that network. link

So back to the hockey, as you read, the two teams met earlier and came to a surprising finish with the US winning 5 -3 as the underdogs, so for them to come away this afternoon with a win on Canadian ice against the Canadians in the Olympic Gold Medal Game would be about the "hugest" thing that will happen to these men in their lives I would imagine. It would be if it was me, and 50 million other young and old men I'm sure.

t'll rank almost right up there I would think with the historic 1980 team out of nowhere win against the hated Soviets.

Go USA baby.


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