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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ground Zero a Nat'l Disgrace? - ( Damn Right It Is; Big Government + Big Business + Special Interests = Disgrace)

I boil every time I think about those filthy terrorists and the laughs this still gives them around the cave campfires and flag burnings a decade later,  as they kicked the snot out of the Great Satan that one sad morning,  and sadly,  Ground Zero stands as a monument to their fact still today!!! AAARRRRHHHH!!

This Segment on this debacle was on 60 minutes now as I type Sunday night, as I along with you and millions have been bitching about Ground Zero's lack of progress and the ongoing rebuilding scam for years on this blog........... years.

Well, the media woke up tonight if only momentarily to this testament to Big Government as it's failure's mount around the nation,  right down to the local levels such as Manhattan.  Right now our entire country is paralyzed by big government and it's red tape stretching from CaliHornia  to Podunk Iowa to Ground Zero ,which  itself is the poster child for that "national disgrace" known as what's left of a democratic government of what used to be a republic which used to embrace innovation and capitalism.

Now it's "fairness and socialism".

And Obama Inc. wants to have a Muslim 3 ring circus across the street from this national eyesore and disgrace that they're responsible for? What Morons.

Perhaps If he spent the money on the project there instead of forcing New York and it's citizens to pay all that money trying those shitheads,  who should just be taken down to Ground Zero and executed, in fact I'll volunteer to do the work and I'll pay my way there to do it. They could make a billion dollars charging pay per view for that scene and we could use the money to rebuild them the way they were in the first place.

Meanwhile this is the scene at Ground Zero tonight from Ground Zero Cam which they have to wake up once in a while to take a picture I guess cause no one's really working there (not the workers fault) Looks like it did September 12 2001 almost  and very sadly. click pic for cam

If you missed this tonight,  watch the whole thing online at the address below when they post it later after it;s aired obviously.

But here's the teaser they had, and  it was good piece on the tube, I just got done watching it and I don't watch 60 minutes for much anymore, since Dan Rather Not.  In fact, they need to do about 2000 more of these to wake up the country to the disgrace.....meanwhile they also need to keep their eyes on "the Obama ball" at the same time, that is  if they ever start doing either thing.

7 billion dollars and ten years later, not one freaking ground zero project is completed. We have NO visionaries left in this country big enough to get this done, and that sucks a big one, America.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Ground Zero a Nat'l Disgrace? - 60 Minutes - CBS News: "Ground Zero a Nat'l Disgrace?


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