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Monday, February 22, 2010

"Fido" Survives 300 Foot Fall Chasing A "Wiley" SeaGull Right Over A Cliff

I love dogs, and this one is cute and all that, a nice clean little family dog, but he must not be too bright being led over a cliff by a seagull like he was the star in a cartoon ya know? And even funnier to me was that the first thing I though of when I saw this picture (from the Daily Mail which was linked on Michael Savage's website as most are aware he's a dog freak) was Obama and all his loony followers. Right? lol

But the story here is this dog below, who again, like a star in a cartoon, gets led right over that cliff  right there by the sneaky seagull, who's pretty smart and must have done it on purpose as that's too smart, and I'll bet he really laughed his wing tips off while cruising south with his buddies telling that story...

"Yea you shoulda seen this freakin' frothing mutt, it was great! He chased me like he was running a cat up a tree right over that huge assed cliff we do target practice on! It was awesome, except he survived the freakin' swan dive!" Can you believe it!"  :)
Here he is, ready for his new gig with the Flying Welendez's in the Circus
doing his Doggy High Dive act.

Anyhow, it is hard to believe the dog survived that, then swam to shore and nearly froze to death awaiting his eager family and rescuers, who risked their lives bringing him to safety in order to recover from his newly collapsed lung he acquired in the fall..

Other than that he was pretty lucky there as we can all see... but I don't know if those poor old ObaMorons and 'Bots will be so lucky, especially if they keep following their guy over his cliff to nowhere but down, like this tragedy late last year caught in this picture...lol   ;)

By the way....I hate when people turn EVERYTHING into political fodder like I just did, especially over a dog story!, but it was just too obvious of a comparison for me me to leave unrecognized, at least I thought it was. And it's a great animal story if you like animals, or even if you don't.

Miracle of the dog that survived 300ft drop after chasing seagull off clifftop

Mail Online: "A dog that chased a seagull off a 300ft cliff miraculously survived when she landed with a belly-flop in the sea below.

Poppy, a three-year-old springer spaniel, ran off the clifftop in East Sussex so fast she managed to avoid the beach and plunge into deep water, which cushioned her fall.

She then saved herself from drowning by doggy-paddling back to the shore where she calmly waited to be rescued."  read more, much longer story and more pictures!


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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