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Monday, January 25, 2010

Watchu Tawkin Bout Willis? Coleman Arrested On Probation...(Check this Mugshot)

Try having people stopping you to ask you "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"  It... gets ... old!! (Coleman from a play about his life, a London hit in 2003 Broadway Musical, Avenue Q

Sorry Gary, but no matter how hard you try it's impossible for a 3 foot man to be a bad ass. Ask Herve "Tattoo" Vellachaize about that one when you two meet up in midget hell.

This man looks a little troubled in this picture, no?  Here's the story...

It's a long, long way to sanity and getting longer for this little runt that had the world by the shorthairs at one time...

Ho obviously won't last long in prison unless he resigns himself to being the cell block playtoy, and that's where he's probably headed now being arrested on an outstanding warrant and his sadder than sad record. He' running out of breaks.

, what the hell where they smoking on the set of that show back then, huh? Dana Plato, that other kid Todd Bridges. They're reps are so bad they can't even syndicate the thing, otherwise they'd  still be rich. Sad and getting sadder.

They are definitively the most premier collection of screwed up child stars ever, and that's saying a lot with people like partridge leftover Danny Bona-Douche' as I call him, still roaming the landscape. And who knows what's up the road for  all these reality show retreads of today in tomorrow's world, they're gonna make Coleman look like Michael J Fox in coming years we can bet.

The Balloon boy, he and Coleman would make a good retread comedy team

I mean I feel sorry for the guy  (Coleman)  for his kidney and health issues, also, seeing his parents abused him while stealing his money and such,  but you know it's time to put that behind ya and grow up, if only mentally.

# According to a 1982 article Gary Coleman was making $50,000 per each episode- or about $1.3 million for the 1981-82 season. Todd Bridges was making about $15,000 per show. Conrad Bain was making about $25,000 per show.

# At one time, Gary Coleman was making as much as $80,000 an episode. He earned over $7 million while starring on the show.


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