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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Terminal at JFK Airport Evacuated Due to Unknown Security Breach

Now they don't even have to blow things or themselves up, all they have to do is get one schleprock a day to mess with the discombobulated security apparatus each day to bankrupt the nation from productive time lost at airports each day, as even on the weekends this crap is going on and all it takes to throw the present system into chaos is for one person to run through the wrong door, purposefully or otherwise.

Supposedly the last one who did this a couple weeks ago just wanted a kiss from his damn girlfriend, but he was too stupid to know doing what he did would cause the disruption it did?

Officials Evacuate Terminal at JFK Airport Due to Security Breach

FOXNews.com: "NEW YORK — Officials are evacuating a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City because of a security breach.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Steve Coleman says travelers at Kennedy's Terminal 8 are being asked to leave and will be re-screened. Coleman didn't describe the breach.

A man was charged last week with breaching security at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey on Jan. 3. Flights were grounded for hours and passengers were re-screened while air safety officials searched for him."

If people are indeed that stupid, I feel sorry them.

But when does the rest of the country who aren't idiots stop paying the price for the ones who are?

And likewise, when does the non Muslim population stop suffering at airports, sports arena's bus terminals, train depots and the likes across the world each day, while the government's play "whack the mole terrorist" ignoring young and middle aged Muslim men (which are hard to come by in the suicide bomber trade) while screening the portion of people that include Anglo children and  babies along with Eastern European grandfathers and grandmothers instead of the people in line we know damn well hate us and want us  all dead,  proclaiming this to the world each and every day?

In fact the security spending is so out of control it would be cheaper for we Americans to just subsidize Muslims to fly on their own airplanes separate from everyone else than it will be to carry on the way we are right now, clearing out airports every afternoon for every perceived threat, while the real threat is standing in line with turbans and robes on while laughing at us all in between reading their Korans.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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