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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Wins, as 50 Years of Ted Kennedy "Camelot" Crap Finally Ends

Hey, the Kennedy's are Americans too, so I don't hate their family, they've mostly given their lives to this country in one form or another to be fair, more than I've been able to, yet. Some were great, but some not so great, like everyone's family.  However....

Thank God it's over, as the people of Massachusetts remember their Patriot roots and finally shed themselves of that 450 lb albatross known as The Kennedy Political Dynasty. Now a couple more moves and that state will be the place to move alright as the Northeast starts bleeding purple for the first time in 50 years.  I lived there one year as a child.

Martha Coakley just delivered her concession speech btw, a good one in fact, at 9:00 pm cst.

Our founders came here just to get away from that kind of stuff, and politically today it's over for that clan as Scott Brown pulls down the victory, like he said earlier, "returning the 'Ted Kennedy Seat' to the people" shaking the political landscape heavily in the favor of the Tea Party People.

Let's just hope he isn't corrupted and contaminated by the lure of power and money like so many other bright politicians. It's something in the water, they're called lobbyists and they can be persuasive to even the straightest arrows.

The left is really gonna bum out on this one, and start that BDS rage all over again directed at that man pictured above, the winner, Senator and Colonel Scott Brown.

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We'll still have Patrick Kennedy, although he really doesn't count since most of his time is spent in rehab, yet he still could be in Rhode Island ruling his seat for the next 40 or 50 years like his dad in Massachusetts,  since there's only about a thousand people there and he knows them all...lol just kidding if somebody from there actually reads this, especially if your one of the few conservatives!

Anyhow, this is what Obama is looking like right now, along with the far left coast loons in Washington, as they know their days are numbered big time.  So now look for them to do the almost unthinkable and try to still attempt to ram their cracked agenda down our throats like Barney Frank and the boys on TwoFer Tuesday at the local bathhouse.

Some more links

Dems face 'un-ignorable wake-up call' (OneNewsNow.com): "A columnist for The Boston Globe predicts that if Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown wins tonight in Massachusetts, President Obama's healthcare legislation in its current form will be defeated."

The Scott heard 'round the world (WorldNet Daily): "BOSTON – Republican Scott Brown, who waged a late surge in Massachusetts to battle President Barack Obama's agenda head on, tonight captured the Senate seat held for more than four decades by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Globe jumps the gun in online map goof - BostonHerald.com: "Not so fast.In a premature online Dewey beats Truman moment, boston.com today posted an online map of Massachusetts voting results declaring Attorney General Martha Coakley the winner of today’s special U.S. Senate election."

The left spin from CNN Wolfie Blitzkrieg   aka Wolf Blitzer


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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