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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama's First Year: By the Numbers (Kind Of)

It looks to me as if they found the things that either compare or make Bush look bad (although he did that just fine on his own from time to time as does Obama) and then left out the things that don't or make Obama look good.

It's interesting nonetheless to see for instance that the president has made hundreds of trips on Air Force One and Marine One, basically averaging to once a day over the course of the year with the two combined...That is a lot of money right off the bat there that could have been saved, as we know most presidents look for reasons to joyride as much as they can get away with too on those things.

They're only human. I guess who wouldn't? And of course they have to travel securely.

I know all president's do it, but maybe it's time they don't since the country is obviously bankrupt.

And instead of blaming everyone else for being here in the first place, by him still doing the same things other presidents did, he will just take us to the same place.... no?

Looks from this little list from "SEE B. S."  like Obama's just doing more of the same shit and then some.

Obama's First Year: By the Numbers

Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "'Nothing special,' said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs when asked what President Obama is doing today to mark the end of his 1st year in office and the start of his 2nd.

(at left, President Obama takes the oath of office, Jan. 20, 2009.)

To hear Gibbs tell it, no one at the White House is much interested in noting the one year milestone.

'It's an anniversary of types, but I don't see that a lot of people are ultimately focused on marking the first year,' said Gibbs at yesterday's daily press briefing.

He said the White House already had its fill of calendar anniversaries: the first 100 days; 200 days, six months; a year after the election."

It's just a date on the calendar "that denotes you've been here a year," Gibbs said of the occasion.

But it is a milestone, the most important so far on Mr. Obama's watch and a natural moment for taking stock – or in the case of this report: number crunching.

So quickly – before year-in-review fatigue sets in, see if any of these numbers and annotations offer insight into how the president spent his first year.

• Includes 52 addresses or statements specifically on his health care proposals.
• He used a TelePrompTer at least 178 times. (Technically, it was 177 ½ . On July 13, 2009, one of the teleprompter screens on the left side of his lectern fell to the ground and broke shortly after he began speaking. So he was left with half a TelePrompTer.)  Continued
 This meanwhile, was what the wizened up Massachusetts residents sent Mr Obama for his Anniversary on behalf of non far far left Americans as we all know yesterday.

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