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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mayor Daley to Harrison Ford: Buzz Off (Elitist Liberal Brawl Continues....)

I love how Mayor Daley, or should I say "king Daley" responds to anyone disagreeing with his "questionable decision making process" regarding his sneaking bulldozers onto the former airport/field on the lakefront known here as "Meigs field" and destroying it in the middle of the night without hardly any consultation or meetings with anyone in Chicago government, no one in the federal government or most importantly, we Chicagoans.

Here's his midnight oil handiwork by the way all so "inner city" not outer city, but "inner city" kids could have a park to play in since they've mostly destroyed all their neighborhoods back when poor Martin Luther King was killed which haven't recovered since....

(the island per se sits empty and idle today years after Daley's decision which means tons of lost revenue for the city from the so called elitists and executives he supposedly hates so much, right up until they wanna make a movie here, then he's their pal.

Nice work huh?

The best part is where he calls Harrison Ford, who's been badgering the decision since it was made and is also is a native of the Chicago Suburbs A LIBERAL ELITIST!!!

Sounds like the accusation of a liberal elitist himself if I ever saw or heard one.  That's how entrenched their believed superiority is to others, they don't even see it in themselves as Daley thinks he's still somehow a "man of the people".

Harrison Ford happens to be one of my favorite actors on a VERY short list, and you'd think the Mayor of the city would be more appreciative of the man starring in one of the most famous Chicago made films in Hollywood history, the Fugitive of course a notch above the original"Blues Brothers".

NBC Chicago: "Mayor Daley says Harrison Ford should keep his trap shut about the 7-years-old shuttering of lakefront airport Meigs Field.

Ford, who was in town promoting his latest film “Extraordinary Measures,” reiterated his fury over the mayor’s 2003 decision to send bulldozers to the airfield and carve an X into the runway.

“I'm still livid about it,” said Ford, an avid aviator who piloted a plane into Midway this week, to the Sun-Times’ Bill Zwecker. He called the decision 'unthinkable.'

The mayor on Wednesday fired back at the iconic actor, and Maine East alum." continued
Here's an old video of a 1992 newscast of a Boeing United 727 for the only time doing a dangerous short field landing at Meigs pictured above so the airliner could become an exhibit at the Museum of Natural Industry across the street(water actually at the same "complex" per se where Soldier Field sits for non Chicagoans)


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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