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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fox News Analyst Boob Beckel: Republicans the Party of ‘Birthers, Baggers and Blowhards’

Typical liberal loses his argument to Fox's Andrea Tantaros, which he regularly loses along with his regular debates on Hannity's show, where he gets kicked around as well, and resorts to addressing all conservatives with the following:
"'You know, for a party of birthers, baggers and blowhards, you guys have done absolutely nothing to help this country along.'" 
The blind and blatant hypocrisy of those people makes me ill. With collective mental health such as theirs, it's no wonder why they on the left made FREE health care their number one priority, they can't pay their therapists' bills anymore.

Just imagine if a conservative of note got on O'Reilly's show and called all democrats something similarly offensive directed at them,  like perhaps "Traitorous, EnvironMental, Pillow Puffing, Peter Beating Perverts"?

The damn world would stop spinning as far as left would be concerned, even though it's essentially the same damn thing.

The above is actually a far more accurate characterization of the left than Beckel's for the right is, since  after all "Bagger" is short for tea bagger, which is a disparaging word used to describe an act used most often amongst male homosexuals in their sexually perverted world of which many if not most liberals regularly and proudly reside.

Not to mention the fact that in 45 years I've never met a conservative homosexual yet, although I'm sure some self described ones exist, as do gay republicans, who the left also insults with that little phrase whenever uttered by one of their tribe.

Here's the moron at MSNBSleaze, David Schuster, who's the "peter beater" that actually got the "teabagger ball" going for the lefties (pun intended) back in April of last year, filling in on the hater Keith Olbermann's show. Likely deriving it from his personal experiences with the homosexual sub culture, as I and everyone I know ever even heard of the depraved  act or even the words in that capacity  'til he uttered them.

Furthermore, he always seemed like a flamer to me, like most of the left wing evening NBC media people seem to be, ie Rachel Maddow and the likes.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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