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Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicago man killed by daughter's 6 Pit Bulls

"CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago police are investigating the death of a 56-year-old man who was apparently fatally mauled by his daughter's pit bulls.

The daughter told authorities she came home Sunday night and found her father, Johnny Wilson, lying on the living room floor, covered in blood. The Cook County Medical Examiner's office said Wilson suffered numerous bite wounds on various parts of his body.

The daughter turned over four adult pit bulls and two puppies to Chicago Animal Care and Control, where the dogs were being evaluated.

Neighbors said there was no sign of dog fighting at the residence, and that Wilson had never seemed to have any problem with the dogs in the past.

No charges had been filed as of Monday morning."
 The report says there was "no dogfighting" evident but radio reports indicate she was indeed a Pit Bull breeder of some magnitude.

A source said the daughter was breeding the dogs, but there was no sign of dogfighting in the house. She told investigators the dogs were afraid of her father because his voice was loud. (tribune link)

What? So obviously she knew already the dogs didn't like the man of the house, why keep them in that case?

Now her dad is dead, thanks to that decision, unless it comes out somehow that she sic'd the dogs on her dad, which there doesn't appear to be any evidence of........... yet.

I know people will come forward and say "it's not the dogs, it's the people who breed them to be fighters"

Well, according to this story as it's developing, these dogs weren't being bred for this purpose, so just maybe the time is coming for the Pit Bull breed to be limited in some way or another, at least until the attack mode they have "built in" can be eliminated through more careful breeding, which sadly means more "big government" intervention.

So I don't know what's worse. More laws, or just let people keep breeding these little 4 legged killers.

For instance, I got a pit bull who lives next door with a small, fatherless,  Hispanic family, and this animal can drag the kid around the block when he walks him.

Do they really need a dog that's more powerful than the three kids put together in a townhouse?

And why a Pit Bull?

Yet another thing, this gosh damn animal  never shuts the fu** up and barks at flies as far as I can tell.

To me, a onetime and longtime dog owner, is evidence that the breed is just abnormal, and many cases flat out deadly, because this single mother and her little kids might not be the brightest bulbs on the block, but I know for a fact they aren't breeding him to be mean, he just is.

I will say this about that, if that dog ever thought about coming after me, I couldn't run being crippled, so I'd have to shoot it's ass (and I wouldn't hesitate, especially if it lunged at me, and the neighbor knows it.  So they keep him as far away from me as they can).

And while we're talking about dogs, here's another animal story that'll make you sick, as this woman in Arizona breast fed her dog at her husband's command who apparently sees absolutely nothing wrong with this inter-species mingling between his wife and dog (maybe they look the same, so it doesn't bother him or them, I dunno"

Mum Janelle Williams, 27, nursed her terrier crossbreed back to health with her own breast milk after he fell ill. The puppy, Jack, stopped eating and became weak soon after Janelle bought him in October last year.

A vet recommended formula milk, but Jack refused, prompting Janelle to take more drastic action. Janelle, from Nevada, said: “I was producing milk as I was still breastfeeding my two-year-old son Johnny. So I squeezed some breast milk onto my finger and Jack lapped it up.” Jack took to Janelle’s breast, and now suckles alongside Johnny.

She added: “Johnny pointed at my right breast and said ‘puppy titty’ and then at my left breast and yelled ‘Johnny titty’.”

Medically, as long as the dog is healthy and Janelle’s nipple is clean, the practice poses no risk - though it is not recommended by the British Veterinary Association.
Nice. What a world we live in today.....not that this kind of crap hasn't gone on forever, I was just under the impression we're supposed to a society advancing but we're obviously one in decline.

think maybe the milk could be extracted and THEN given to the dog? What's the difference between letting your dog suck on your wife's breast than having the dog service daddy after he's done with MOMMA?

Sick fu))s.

And then to call the local news service so they can write about so the entire world knows your wife lets Fido suck on her nipples when he's hungry?

Here's yet another freaky dog story from Gainesville Fla Sun in 1990 /  Thanks to friend Dave for the link ;)


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