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Monday, January 11, 2010

Americans LIVID over Pearl Harbor snub on 2010 Calenders To Recognize ISLAMIC NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

I guess that those were just "words" Just like 911 memorializing that the Godless liberals wish to see pushed down into the memory hole.

I'm beyond PISSED OFF about this and you can bet any calender I find with this omission will be burned and returned to it's designers, and I would hope millions of other Americans will do the same as the lunatic fringe opts to celebrate the GOSH damn Muslim new year than Pearl Harbor day. Anyone succumbing to the first option should be run out of the country on a rail and sword and right out of business.

Let these Muslim killers like Bin Laden and friends fill their sand covered caves with these rags, because they're an insult to every living and passed service man and woman of this country,  and therefore, offend me just as much.

This pro Muslim PC crap we're now getting shoved down our throats less than a decade after 911 is entirely out of control and I wish more people could see what this is leading to..

Not on my watch. 

I spent 25 years in the Publishing industry and I'll be sending this story to the thousands of contacts I have out there making sure they don't fall into this anti american behavior like this Australian firm which "claims" to be the worlds largest publisher.

Browntrout Publishers?

They oughta change their name to the Brown Turban as far as I'm concerned, as far too much of this Anti American yet Pro Islamic attitude seems to be pervading the world from the US all the way to the land down under, who's people and even government heads during the past decades which I used to love and respect.

But just as is Britain and home sweet home America, they're both falling to banging of the drum of Islam slowly but surely, and if we don't stand up to it we'll see more and more of it here until the Capitol Mall looks like this (Oh shit it already did last summer although the million expected didn't materialize thank GOD, NOT ALLAH).

How do you like that view? About as good as it smells I would assume.
Get used to it if Americans don't grow some sack and soon.

"'A date which will live in infamy.'

That's how President Franklin Roosevelt immortalized Dec. 7, 1941, the day Japanese forces stunned the U.S. with a sudden attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, prompting the U.S. to jump into the Second World War.

Just don't expect to find any mention of that on your calendar this year.

Nearly seven decades after the onslaught, many U.S. calendars produced by American companies are ignoring Pearl Harbor Day, and are displaying instead the Islamic New Year on Dec. 7.

Even calendars promoting the Holy Bible take note of the Muslim observance, while completely omitting the day on which more than 2,000 Americans lost their lives in the surprise attack.

'I have a Psalms calendar, which has a Bible verse on each month's picture, made by BrownTrout Publishers, Inc., and it also has Dec. 7 as the Islamic New Year. No mention of Pearl Harbor Day,' said Donna Brandt of Marshalltown, Iowa. 'I am incensed and will be giving the BrownTrout Publishers a piece of my mind! Thank you for calling my attention to this blasphemy.'"
They'll be hearing from me as well and I hope many others take the time to deluge this company with their feelings on the issue if this indeed angers you as much as it does me and the many others I'm sure this will upset. Mostly our cherished men and women in uniform...

They have our backs out there so we need to have theirs back here.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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