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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When EnvironMental Nuts Go Mental.....

I love nature and it's trees and forests like the rest of us.


These environMental Nazi's can be more dangerous than the people they claim to be against, as this freelancing nut pictured below boobytrapped random trees with long nails (an old liberal ELF trick) so the loggers would be injured or even killed while culling a Minnesota forest that gets thinned every decade or so.

Now as a result of this dumb rube's handiwork which he recruited his young teen son and his young friend to partake in (gee thanks pops, what's for Christmas, an Obama CHia pet?), the whole forest is now being taken down which is adjacent to his own property. 600 Trees.

"About 100 of the 600 trees were slated to be cut down and sold this month. The money would have benefited the community and school district...."

Good job you **(_&)^*&(%(% moronic Goober, looks as if your schools could use the money you just cost them and the forest you couldn't see through the trees is now gone forever...Dumbass

sabotaged tree of the "no longer a forest"..

Man arrested for vandalizing 500 pine trees in northern Minn.:

kare11.com | Twin Cities, MN | "BACKUS, Minn. -- A man in northern Minnesota faces criminal charges for driving six-inch nails into hundreds of red pine trees near Backus.

According to a criminal complaint, 41-year -old Stephen Louis Olson of Backus was angry the county planned to log the trees. Cass County officials say the stand is thinned every ten to 15 years. About 100 of the 600 trees were slated to be cut down and sold this month. The money would have benefited the community and school district.

Olson, who owns the adjacent property, allegedly told several people of his plan to spike the trees with nails. Investigators also spoke with Olson's son who admitted he and his father had purchased six boxes of pole barn nails and had spiked the trees over the span of about seven days. Olson's son also admitted he was the primary person vandalizing the trees. Another teenager was also involved.

Authorities say the entire forest must be cut down due to safety concerns. Mike Diekmann of the Cass County Sheriff's Office says that if a saw hit one of the nails, 'it would explode like a gun going off' and could cause serious injury.

Olson is charged with criminal damage to property in the first degree. Bail was set in the amount of $5,000. Olson's next court appearance is December 14th."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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