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Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger Woods Spent 70 G's On Prostitutes (Next Career Porn Star?)

This man Ho sure is sadly falling like a rock from a steep it's steep cliff perch, as word is out now this morning from the NY Post as you see above forked out 16 thou' for one ride with one single  highline prostitute. That's more than most of the people in urban areas that worshiped Woods take home in a year from work or especially welfare.

I wonder how those people who purchased his product lines over the years feel now, seeing how he spends their hard earned money on whore's and who knows what else he's into...lol..

What a double life he was leading his wife, stable of sluts and the world's entertainment / sports junkies on, huh?  Pretty incomparable, and not to mention "irreparable" as far as the "Billionaire Boy's Club" goes, being achieved on the back of his no longer golf game and his now nearly trashed name.  If anything look for him to re emerge on the PGA Senior Tour 15 years from now, after all this washes out.

As we can be sure at the present pace it's not over until everyone he ever knew with blond hair and 2 big breasts has their hands on some of his green.
Australia nine news': "Disgraced golf legend Tiger Woods spent $65,000 on visits from several high-priced prostitutes, a Hollywood madam has claimed.

Michelle Braun told the New York Post Woods would call her to order prostitutes, and sometimes hired two women for one encounter.

“He liked girl-on-girl ... he had sex with them together,” Braun was quoted as saying.

Braun claims Woods paid for visits from at least four different women a total of six times from late 2006 until 2007.

'The most was for a girl in Manhattan, he paid $15,000 (A$16,000) for her,' Braun said.

Braun also said that two women who have been linked to Woods — Jamie Jungers and porn star Holly Sampson — worked for her escort agency."  continued
He's really turned into a billion dollar scam, like the Madoff of sports in a way, as he's been robbing the public and his sponsors as well on an entirely false image after all this time.  What I wonder most about though is  how this now deceased man known to the world as "Earl Woods,  who made Tiger what he was would be reacting to all this, particularly after all the work they put in together to get to the top? Everyone's seen this at one time or another I'm sure.

Tiger Woods At 2 Years Old - These bloopers are hilarious

Starting all the way back at 2 and to chuck it all for some tramps is unfathomable..this apparently all started after his father passed a few years back so we can assume Tiger went nuts on the tang partying once "Pops" left for a better place..

I'm sure he'd support him through the aftermath of this being his flesh and blood..... maybe.  I considering he was not this, what his son has quickly become in front of the eyes of the world literally overnight after a life of one could say lies.

A lifetime military special forces man who was as smart and tough as they come, like Joe Jackson with just one son instead of a family of a dozen entertainers in many ways, and I think it would be safe to assume he wouldn't be too happy aboutall of this. It's just a fact that the majority of  the men of his time had character, and didn't throw their families under a bus for some star struck, money hungry Hoochie Momma's.

Sure they existed, but were the exception and not the rule like today.

Frankly, I'm surprised this guy hasn't been sidelined over the years once or twice with multiple std's and the likes, seeing that he was sticking "little Woodie" (or not so little according to one of the singing sluts) into just about anything it could find.

There's one thing for certain at this point, and that is;  the only reason anyone would want that golfing "clap-trap" anymore after the full disclosure cumms I mean comes out someday down the road, that of course would be his money, and lots of it they'll have their hands our for.

Coming out this morning/ pun intended.....

AP - Two golfers quoted by a weekly magazine as making disparaging remarks about Tiger Woods and his marriage said Thursday night they never spoke to the publication.


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