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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Passengers taking Control Great Signal To Future Terrorists....

And the message is:

"We're not taking your shit anymore, and try pulling this crap on our planes we'll take you out hand to hand every time Muhammad and friends".

Good piece here covering the successful passenger revolt which was borne of our brethren on 911 taking down flight 93 with Todd Beamer's "Let's Roll" command to fellow passengers to kick some Muslim terrorist ass.

Something that'll happen every time if the feds can just keep the turbaned and robe draped Muslims from boarding with guns and explosives, as their asses are new cut grass otherwise.

630 WMAL: Stimulating Talk – Breaking News: "DETROIT (AP) -- They heard a pop that sounded like fireworks. They saw a glow of flame followed by a rush of smoke. And that was enough for passengers on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to pounce.

From several seats away, Dutch tourist Jasper Schuringa says he jumped to extinguish a fire ignited by a quiet man who just moments before allegedly told passengers his stomach was upset and pulled a blanket over himself. Schuringa said his first thought wasn't to signal a flight attendant or wait for an air marshal to break cover, but rather, 'He's trying to blow up the plane.'

'I basically reacted directly,' Schuringa said Saturday in an interview with CNN. 'I didn't think. I just jumped. I just went over there and tried to save the plane.' "I basically reacted directly," Schuringa said Saturday in an interview with CNN. "I didn't think. I just jumped. I just went over there and tried to save the plane." Aviation safety experts once would have called Schuringa's actions a mistake and cautioned passengers against fighting back during hijackings and other crises in the air.
terrorist on xmas day
That was before the Sept. 11 attacks and the actions of passengers on United Flight 93, who learned while aloft about the hijacked jets that slammed earlier that day into New York's World Trade Center. They staged a cabin revolt against the al-Qaida terrorists who had taken control of their flight and died when their plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pa. But they succeeded in keeping the jet from destroying another building that day, and their story became legend.

"I don't think people are going to sit back and let somebody kill them in the process of fulfilling their extremist agenda or whatever it happens to be," said Dave Heffernan, who helps oversee self-defense training for commercial flight crews at Valenica Community College in Orlando, Fla. "People have talked about it. They've thought about it. They have a plan of action."

On Saturday, a day after the failed attack on Northwest 253, federal prosecutors charged Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, a native of Nigeria, with trying to destroy the airliner with a device containing a high explosive attached to his body. They alleged that Abdulmutallab set off the device - sparking a fire instead of an explosion - as the flight from Amsterdam descended toward Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Schuringa, of Amsterdam, told CNN that he didn't think about his own safety when he extinguished the fire with his hands. He and other passengers said that several people on board, including members of the flight crew, then joined him in taking Abdulmutallab to first class to strip off his clothes and search for any more explosives. Schuringa did not immediately reply to e-mail and phone messages from The Associated Press. "In a matter of minutes everything was settled down. ...

The passengers were proactive. We just did it. There was nothing to talk about," said Syed Jafry, 57.  continued

 Passengers and the Dutch hero speak about the Muslim terrorist who thankfully couldn't shoot straight per se


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