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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Immigration reform: 2010 could see overhaul - (We'll see about that)

One guess as to what's missing from the headline and the sob story below in today's Chicago Trib? The words Illegal Immigrants" as they powder up the issue leaving out the biggest fact driving people like myself to drive these people right out of the country..


And lipsticking the pig with the cutesy little "undocumented worker" crap doesn't fool anyone who hasn't had a full frontal labotomy, yet they still do it in every article I ever see. Every one including this boo hoo tale.

At one point I ask does it simply become unsustainable supporting the 350,000,000 people we already have? Now is the answer to that question, as meanwhile every liberal state including this one are budgetary bankrupt for all intents and purposes and they all pretend to not know what the answer to the problem is when we all know what it is as it stares us in the face everywhere we go.

And the number one strain on the system is illegal aliens,  no matter how much their lobbies and other paid hatchetmen say otherwise. Like this guy we see all over the cable news channels, Juan Hernandez, who is pictured here with Jorge Bush back in the day (sorry but he's to blame too) and his buddy, former Head Crook in "Mehico" as they call it, Vincente Foxx,  who also raped us for all he could during his couple terms  (Fox I mean while of course liberals would ridiculously call Bush the worst crook in this pic)

I really dislike that man in the middle, you can see him shilling on Fox usually paired against Laura Ingraham who regularly takes him apart btw....

The government has been doing for decades on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, as that is easily the number one reason our country is nearing third world status in most major cities, a disease rapidly spreading to all the suburbs as well with homes under 300,000 in value like mine..

We deported 370, 000 people last year and they're still on every bus, train and run down pickuptruck in the nation practically, that alone says the problem is huge and all democrats see in the Hispanics for the most part being granted all out Amnesty and that is TAX MONEY and VOTES.

That's it, and for that they're willing to open the Amnesty Floodgate starting as soon as we kill off ObamaLosi Care, so we have to get right on that horse because the Obama information Ministry is already hard at work as evidenced in this piece..
chicagotribune.com: "Having waited patiently in the wings, Immigration advocates in Chicago and elsewhere are anxious to take President Barack Obama at his word when he said Immigration reform would soon follow health care on the nation's agenda.

With several initiatives gearing up to put the issue before Congress in the new year, advocates are all too aware they haven't had much cause for celebration in recent years.

Their last big push in Washington, in 2007, failed to settle the status of the nation's estimated 11.9 million undocumented immigrants.

Deportations have continued, with nearly 370,000 immigrants detained during the fiscal year that ended in October.

That's more than twice the number in 1999, according to a report last week by Transactional Records Clearing House at Syracuse University.

In Chicago, frustration has been heightened by tougher local enforcement measures, such as a new city ordinance that, starting Jan. 1, will allow police to impound the cars of unlicensed drivers. Many of them turn out to be undocumented immigrants."  continued
Here's my comment over there at the Trib by the way if your interested....
You said it here Joel...."------

Most of us would really appreciate it if the illegal aliens obeyed some of the laws of our land. "

Darn straight and frankly we have no more room as the INN is full, the melting pot already melted, the money pot emptied, and we cant even wizz in it because the foundation is all decayed by the very ones they wish to reward..

I won't stand for it and neither should any of you.

This is our country and our rules..... not a few select crooks in Washington who already raped Illinois so it was on to bigger and better things for them as we all know.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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