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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Future Liberals In The Making (image)

This looks like an Obama white house strategy meeting at a local health club minus Obama.....but in fact, these little things pictured here are called "Tummy Tubs" and this is like what's called a "cool down session" so they all feel like they're back in momma's womb after their little "massage classes" if you can believe this ***... I found fumbling through the net.

I'll tell you one thing, if I were them,  and my parents brought me to one of these little things I'd  a wished I was "back in the womb" too...look at em all, they're saying the same thing.  All of them look like "get me the f*** outta here mom", and they're all already pretty chunky to boot!!

For instance look at that one right there in the front, that little tub is pushing around 25 -30 pounds already I bet. (.......that's all folks!)

These are the kids of today's America, and I know, they're only babies, so it's not their fault they're already being wussified by their likely dumbed down American parents thanks to the collapsing schools run by liberals if they have 2 of them under 30.  But believe me, regardless, these Muslim killers around the globe are just licking their scraggly haired chops from caves all over Afghanistan to the West Bank and back for these "Pacified ADD, US Prozac heads" to take over one day down the road... lemme tell ya.

Meanwhile, their "little animals" are doing this shit below (not that I condone it believe me,  but this is what we're up against out there with these Muslims) while ours are being pampered at little massage classes and community bathing "chill down's" afterwards in washer buckets!!!! 

 Frankly, we used to play war when I was young all the time in the 70's, and  we could take these  little terrorist kids, but today a kid in the US caught playing "war" might find themselves in a de -programming camp somewhere listening to Obama speeches all day in a rubber room

Checkmate, Allah Akbar, whatever you wanna call it...

Who do you think is gonna win the war for civilization if we don't do it now after looking at those pictures? Damn right, not them pampered little wusses up at the top, that's for sure, but they'll all be "in touch with their feelings"  twice a week at their shrinks office refilling their Ritalin scripts..

Seven babies sit in tummy tubs ...

Yahoo! News Photos: "RNPS IMAGES OF THE YEAR 2009 - Seven babies sit in tummy tubs filled with water to cool down after a baby massage class held for young mothers in IJmuiden March 24, 2009. The 'cooling down' segment is to simulate a womb-like environment for the infants to experience the warmth and comfort."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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