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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Czech President Klaus: Global Warming Not Science, but a 'New Religion' (With Him On That One)

Now here's a man leading a country who doesn't have his head up his backside and I sure wish more so called leaders had the independence and stones to do the unpopular thing and speak the truth to power as this Czech president Vaclav Klaus said this morning:

In an interview with FoxNews.com, Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus argued that man's natural
ingenuity will lead to new technologies that will lessen any impact mankind has had on the planet's environment.

FOXNews.com : "As the Copenhagen Climate conference comes to a conclusion amidst riots by demonstrators and scrambling by policymakers, Czech President Vaclav Klaus has a message for the world: Global warming is a 'new religion,' not a science."

As the Copenhagen climate conference drew to a close Friday, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, long a global warming skeptic, had a message for the world: do not dictate to humanity how to live based on an "irrational ideology," which he sees as the product of political correctness.

Global warming is a "new religion," not a science, he said in an interview with FoxNews.com.

"I'm convinced that after years of studying the phenomenon, global warming is not the real issue of temperature," said Klaus, an economist by training. "That is the issue of a new ideology or a new religion. A religion of climate change or a religion of global warming. This is a religion which tells us that the people are responsible for the current, very small increase in temperatures. And they should be punished."

Global Warming is indeed the new religion for all these Godless left wing nuts and zealots. Otherwise they would be able to grasp the concept that there is more at work in our climate change which used to be called the four seasons that mere mortal man can grasp nor ever permanently alter short of blatant carbon emittance and nuclear holocaust.

In fact, to show how moronic these people can be, the threat of nuclear annihilation by Iran or Islamic Jihadists is greater than anything we face as a whole from mother nature, and they do all they can to ignore that one in hopes IT goes away on it's own, when the climate issue always resolves itself at it's own pace without consulting with man the last time I checked and that's what they wanna spend trillions on.

I don't know about you, but my math works as such: Control terrorism or we're not here to worry about the damn minutely changing environment.

Mother Nature sure didn't ask the dinosaurs what they thought about the ice age or meteor bath depending on your preference that wiped them out around the globe, just like she won't ask when it's time to cleanse the earth again. And from the looks of things, that day of judgment isn't too far off, no matter what we do about the climate, as if we could do anything anyhow.

When they can tell us what the weather is going to be like day after day with some accuracy for more than a day I'll believe they know what they're talking about here.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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