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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Announcement Forthcoming Tuesday That Ill. Prison Will Get Club Gitmo detainee's / The high time to launch Illinois' democrats from every office they hold ......

Time to run these dems from Illinois politics and return the state to it's glory years which were always experienced under the leadership of Republicans starting with Abraham Lincoln through the last good ones which would be Big Jim Thompson who everyone knows and Jim Edgar, two of the best politicians we could ask for.

David Banks / Getty Images

Of course George Ryan was an embarrassment, but so is this entire Blago era dem cacophony, and Pat Quinn is as well. Pictured at the left with "S**k My Dick" Durbin, both of whom should be run from office for at least these 2 reasons;

Number one for both is their participation and rooting for  this Thompsonville, GITMO lie, which is that "somehow this will bring 3800 jobs to the northern red  part of the state.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..this will cause these dems to be launched for sure, so  if this is what it takes to turn the state red again then so be it.

As their "jobs" claim is complete bullshit, as I've heard from people in the military that they will transfer federal employees who are already part of the Obama conglomerate into the prison, leaving nothing more than "lunch lady" type jobs up for grabs that will be a great disappointment to the locals.  They may only send 39 Muslim terrorists there, all that money spent for 39 killers who shoulda been shot on the battlefield and hopefully will be into the future, instead if running this "terror day care" as we've been doing for 7 years..

Just kill them there, and let Alllah sort em out..

Now, I have absolutely nothing against lunch ladies, but they're not worth turning Illinois into a resort town for caged radical Muslim killer scum and their Muslim relatives who will be vitising and turning the state into more of a terror target than it already was.

And the second reason for Quinn's launch and "Suck ......." Durbin's as well if he had anything to do with it,   is this total liberal prison release program he instituted to save money that released all kinds of  killers and rapists prematurely back into society over the past few months to save a couple bucks,  which was surprisingly uncovered over the weekend by the Associated Press.\

Which gives me pause to assign another reason to both of those bozos and their colleagues, we can't afford any more freeloaders in this state nor country since Illinois is one of the few and proud liberal Social engineering failures which are or are a breath away from bankruptcy, and this state has some of the highest taxes in the world.

And 90 terrorists are the worst kind of freeloaders one could imagine nor ask for, which by the way no citizen was even asked if we want this scum in our state, as they know damn well we don't want them in the country in the first place.  Were I president after 911 not another Muslim would be granted asylum or even a passport for a period of ten years which would have let us take radical Muslim inventory and find out what the ones who are already here are up to in their spare time.

Nice the terrorists have a more rigorous vetting process than the Obama White House having rejected the 5 Jihad Achmed Wannabe's because they didn't have enough terrorist cred and references.... How hilarious is that?

They probably wouldn't even take Obama. Oh and by the way, all you people that voted for the messiah, I hope you're happy with your present from the Fictitious One.

So it was nice to see that they (AP) are still at work once in a while, as long as it doesn't involve any vetting of Barack Hussein Obama, our Kenyan, Muslim born president, who's ultimately, in all likelihood technically an illegal alien, despite his living in the US for the good portion of his adult life.

Getting back to the Thomson O-Bamination, would they bring 2000 lepers here or anywhere else in America only if it were to bring a bunch of lousy jobs? Are we that hard up that we have to import the worst possible scum on planet earth, these terrorists here to generate economic growth?  If so I'm bailing on this state sooner than I planned which was already being discussed and planned to a degree.

Thomson signified by the red A, about 180 miles due west of Chicago
even closer to the NW Suburbs where I happen to live..

You and I know the answer to that as they wouldn't do it in a million years, yet these terrorists are the equivalent of "societal lepers", and they belong anywhere but on the blessed soil of this great country, and do not deserve the inalienable rights we are provided by OUR GOD, NOT ALLAH, And our constitution, not theirs being pissed on to cover these animals under that privileged umbrella.

We're damn mad about this and believe you me we're not taking this crap anymore locally or nationally, it's time for the silent majority to wake the flick up and get to work kicking these bums to the curb with Rod Blago Blagojevich, George Bum Ryan and all the other scum up here in Chicago including Barney Rubble Daley who we've had enough of too.

This is an aerial view of the Thomson Correctional Center near the Mississippi River in Thomson , Ill.  I'm sure this pic is making it's rounds among terrorists already planning to strike this place to try and spring their terrorist brethren, mark those words of wisdom.
Ill. prison to get some Gitmo detainees

Security- msnbc.com: "WASHINGTON - Taking an important step on the thorny path to closing the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the White House plans to announce Tuesday that the government will acquire an underutilized state prison in rural Illinois to be the new home for a limited number of terrorist suspects held at Guantanamo.

Administration officials as well as Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will make an official announcement at the White House.

Officials from both the White House and Durbin's office confirmed that President Barack Obama had directed the government to acquire Thomson Correctional Center in Thomson, Ill., a sleepy town near the Mississippi River about 150 miles from Chicago. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting Tuesday's announcement."  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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