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Sunday, November 29, 2009

White House Reality Whores Looking to Sell Story ...Reject These Fame Sluts America, Please!!

Come on America, are we sick and tired yet of these sickening and often  pathetic reality show morons yet?

First you had this "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" train wreck,that turned a totally selfish punk into a tv star, and on who cheats on his young and beautiful  wife  & mother of his 8 damn kids,  which ultimately turns him into some kind of star for essentially what?

Being a scumbag and wrecking his family's lives all for his seeking more fame.who can even calculate the future emotional damage done to these 8 children who've never even taken a dump without a camera watching 'em do it..

Then we have the creepy Octo mom bitch who sees nothing but "cha ching, cha ching"  in her future, using brutally expensive and now abused embryonic stem cell procedures to pop out her own little  ready made instant piggy banks, in the form of 8 helpless little babies to make herself a reality show star?

Or how about the professional Hollywood morons like former tv kid turned transsexual abusing cocaine addicted, celebrity boxing and wrestling bum,  who's best job and contribution to our society was playing a precocious little kid on the Partridge Family 30 some years ago for a couple summers?

I mean a real dope who has more sitcom lives than a litter of cats in the reality show cesspool at least, the one and only Danny Bonaduce, who I refer to as Danny BonaDouchie by the way seeing as he's been used and thrown out by Hollywood executives like a messingill Douche since he was 9 and had his own tv  reality wannabe mom in real life according to some biographical info out there.

It's just a seemingly endless line of "Moron" after "Moron" made into  "instant  add water and stir" celebrities for most times doing the most mundane crap,  as many similarly bored and often just as dumb American's and Brits who started all this crud keep feeding this "societal corrupting beast". It's amazing what some people will do for that 15 minutes of fame, and we're seeing it and should ALL be sickened by it.

As if that all from the not so distant past wasn't bad enough, it's now gone way, way, way, too too far, as we have now people faking their own children floating away in homemade balloons....who'll forget this  already damaged kid who we haven't seen the last of I'm sure we'll discover ...


only next time it'll be for robbing a bank, a drug overdose  or some other sad, pathetic story we see time and time again with Hollywood rejects, and even the ones they don't reject eventually get spit out like a human loogie after their ratings plummet, then spending the rest of their lives in therapy because no one loves their shows anymore...

Then not skipping a beat we're subjected to these two lying and cheating dipwads that, in spite of them being admitted reality show whores, were actually smarter than the people in the White House from the Secret service to Obama and Biden themselves at least for a  night as they are now trying to whore out their story out for a couple hundred thousand dollars?

Just seeing what "media slut"  factory otherwise known as the TV and cable networks who are willing to pay the price should earn them a removal from most people's channel lineups, I would hope and pray.

So then where does this crap end?

I'll bet anyone it'll be with the "tragic death of one or many" will be when this gold rush of idiots finally ends, mark my words. This one little stunt we complained about all the way back to last Wednesday in this post could have resulted in the death of the president or even Scranton Joe, who she cuddled up with too you can see at that post.

What if she was a spy and just poisoned him with anthrax, ya know?  Just a thought, apparently one that he and his security detail didn't give much thought while thinking with their collective groins obviously that night as  these liberals seem to do so well while in and out of office...

Now all the Muslim loons and otherwise who are out there looking for the opportunity to take a whack just figured out it's not that hard when you're a skinny, Ann Coulter looking blond and have decent this or that,  something they'll now being trying to recruit for suicide missions somehow or another..(shouldn't be hard to sell to the blondies ...just kidding ladies). at least in this white house and the last dem group to pass through as we all know, as that little "white bread reality chick" got Barry a little exited there we can easily see from the picture.

Just look at the double clutch handshake she's giving ol' Obama, probably accompanied with some mild pillow talk, lol... I know I'd pay good money to see Michelle scowling at that woman and him at just that very moment and then back upstairs after the dinner...hehehehe, wouldn't you?

lol... you all know that look she pops off that goes something like this....

Oh by the way, one final thing..... will these two slugs count as   " stimulus jobs created"   by the Obama - Bin Biden White House?  Probably will.....

White House Party Crashers Looking to Sell Story - FOXNews.com: "NEW YORK - The couple who crashed President Barack Obama's first state dinner are peddling their story to broadcast networks for hundreds of thousands of dollars, a television executive says.

The executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the network does not publicly discuss bookings, told The Associated Press that representatives for Michaele and Tareq Salahi contacted networks to urge them to 'get their bids in' for an interview. The executive said the Virginia couple was looking for a payment in the mid-six figures range."  continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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