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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water discovery fuels hope to colonize moon - (Offer Illegals, Muslims and Moonbat Libs first dibs?)

Since they all think that global warming is gonna destroy the earth and all within her atmosphere, why not offer them the first chance to live on the moon and if it works out maybe we conservatives can take up collections and convince all the Muslims to go there too!

Talk about a match made for the heavens, they all hate the world the way it is now so let em all colonize the moon and they can play Sodom and Gomorrah on the lit side and the Muslims can kill each others all day and night on the dark side in between calls to prayer./ Sounds like a dream huh?.....

 Think how beautiful and entirely peaceful the earth would be, and Lord knows the moon would and could never look better...then we could convince the illegals there's "all kinds of jobs that Muslims and moonbats won't do" and they can go there and clean up the place after all the killing and such.

No passport required.

Think about it, no more infidels, no more hijacked airliners, no more wars, no more annoying "calls to prayer" 5 times a day,  they'll feel right at home with the barren landscape they're already used to,  so this water discovery on the moon could really turn out to be the greatest discovery of all mankind, and could very well save the earth and US from all these America hating morons, huh?

This discovery could be a message from GOD,  as what better place for mad Muslims and liberal loon Moonbats than the freakin moon? I'm sure they'd all love it up there and if we offer to pay they freight maybe just maybe they'll take us up on the offer..

God please hear our prayers....

Water discovery fuels hope to colonize moon -

Space- msnbc.com: "Hopes, dreams and practical plans to colonize or otherwise exploit the moon as a source of minerals or a launch pad to the cosmos got a boost today with NASA's announcement of significant water ice at the lunar south pole.

The LCROSS probe discovered the equivalent of a dozen 2-gallon buckets of water in the form of ice, in a crater at the lunar south pole. Scientists figure there's more where that came from." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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