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Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Their Names Aren't Smith"....American Thinker / Diversity Kills.. "Me"

The title is referencing an American Thinker piece of the same name featured below my comment from there, an article about Diane Sawyer "wishing this Muslim convert's name was Smith" if you can believe that crap and the media cover up going on attempting to minimize Islam and the Muslim convert angle as usual so sheep can all be herded into the slaughterhouse,.not this American Christian, not in this lifetime..

This so called diversity today is gonna be the death of us all if we don't somehow miraculously pound this into the heads of those who think somehow Islam is about playing nice, because it aint.  It's coming down to the choice of either is it gonna be "US" or "Them" and "they"  are the ones asking for it.... so we should be the ones to deliver it, which should have been done after 911 but the diversity police wouldn't allow it even then!!!

Enough is enough of this crud as our forefathers would be beyond  disgusted with every one of us letting their and now thankfully our country become "Theirs"...... and it will be "Theirs" if we allow ANY MORE of this "Jihad Johnny" sh** on our soil first and foremost. Islam and western life are simply incompatible and they know it .....but for some reason too many Americans don't, thanks AGAIN to the diversity police.

As the more eloquent author states in the piece here below from the American Thinker, "Their names aren't Smith", and I'm adding the less eloquent this.." there's an easy way to stop this, it's called Islamic Profiling.. Islammers over here, everyone else, over here, Problem solved.

Enjoy the trip back home Muhammad.
What you just read was my COMMENT over at American Thinker in regards to this excellent piece here that says how everyone feels but far too many are too scared to say anything about .....these self appointed "touchy feely" diversity police are killing us as is Islam.

In addition, the "lets all be friends" playtime needs to end now,  or we're all facing the prospect of a violent death at the hand of Islam at some point sooner than later, just like our brave, on the front lines and held back soldiers, who could eradicate this Islam problem from the face of the earth, if allowed to do so..

And yes all you diversity police, ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM ....Religion of peace? My Ass.  

Memo to ABC: There's a Reason He's Not Called Smith

Diane Sawyer - either espousing her editorial fantasy or a quoting a third hand comment from an anonymous "military wife" -- was dreadfully upset that the mass murderer from Fort Hood was not named Smith. One can only imagine how thrilled she'd have been had he been named something like, oh I don't know, Palin.

From what I can deduce, had his name been Smith it would be much easier for the Diane Sawyers of the Jurassic media to cover up what they fear really went on here. (In perhaps a related story, none of the 9-11 attackers were in the Smith family either.) And what appears to have gone wrong is that a poster child for every wrong headed politically correct liberal program our great military has been forced to accept blew a gasket and took 13 un-armed American soldiers out. Predictably blew a gasket I might add.

While many facts are yet to be determined, what we do know is that a man not named Smith -- but named Hasan -- had some decidedly un-Smith like beliefs and he was rather adamant about espousing them. That is to say, this well paid U.S. Army Major held some beliefs strangely coincident with the very people that most U.S. Army Majors are fighting against. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the idea that sympathy with the enemy is called "treason" rather than the modern touchy feely idea that it is simply a "healthy diversity."

Such diversity wasn't too damned healthy for about 45 soldiers, now was it? According to the coroner's report, many are even beyond sensitivity training at this point. Where is George Patton to slap some sense into someone when you need him? continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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