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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Much less ice for polar bears, expert says (same "experts" who manufactured false data most likely)

Some stuff on ClimateGate this morning as the media goes into full damage control and we pushback....

Climate Change- msnbc.com: "updated 5:56 p.m. CT, Fri., Nov . 27, 2009

Arctic sea ice conditions are even worse than feared after a survey found that ice detected as older and thicker by satellites is actually thin and fragile, a prominent Canadian researcher reported Friday.

University of Manitoba researcher David Barber said experts around the world believed the ice was recovering because satellite images showed it expanding, but the thick, multiyear frozen sheets have been replaced by thin ice that cannot support the weight of a polar bear." continued

This AM the global warming nuts are turning up the volume and the MSM is in full blast "Global Warming Scam Protection Mode" after the whole ruse that's been carefully unleashed and perpetrated on the people of the world, skeptics and suckers alike, was literally exposed for what it is over this past week as nothing more than an engineered fraud.

Fraud exposed by the unintended  release of thousands of clandestine emails between global warming elitist snobs describing the lying and deceptions being perpetrated upon the world that were all "liberated" per se from their hiding spots deep deep in anus of  liberal Europe somewhere by a real "world patriot and capitalist hacker" helping to stop this fraud and it's leaders dead in their tracks. (climategate links at the top of the blog)

(I bet they're all scared shi*less over there in lib land that "the side of the good" has hackers and cybergeeks and patriots awaiting the moment for us to strike them when needed.like this)

So this morning, a peek on the internet will reveal the usual web culprits who have unleashed a barrage of "Global Warming Sob Stories" to counter the negative publicity from the hacked emails that the lib loon infested and biased media has collectively ignored. All in hopes they can limit the fraud exposure to those people out here educated by Fox News and other reporters of truth. 

Those MILLIONS of people out here along with thousands of "anti climate scam" experts who know without a doubt that the so called "science" on this subject is anywhere but finalized,  and now is perhaps more closer to a truckload of lies and bullshit than it's ever been.

And you know damn well when they pull out these "lone polar bear suffering" images like the one below the clock is ticking on their scam, and they know that "they" and their "beloved hypotheses of fiction" are far up shit's creek without a paddle or gas powered outboard motor spewing burning oil and carbon everywhere it goes.

I mean, come on, doesn't that picture bring tears to your eyes? Well it sure doesn't to mine.....In fact....

It makes me wish I had a helicopter and a video camera, along with Sarah Palin aboard  and a 50 caliber rifle to take that thing out of it's "supposed" misery (which we know now more than ever is false),  and then delivering it's  fully skinned, cleaned and filleted ass right to the front porch of Al Gore..t

that's what I'd do with it.

OK,....Just kidding,  but It sure makes for a good anti global warming fantasy I'd like to see come true, but the exposure of the lies and deceit will do just fine......


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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