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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glenn Beck One Thing: 11/17 - Video - "Time to innovate our way out of this economic mess"

Britain revives their money printing mechanism, saying "if they can do it so can we right?"

Next year's deficit, 13 trillion, meanwhile  all combined Fortune 500 profits, only 98 billion dollars. will take the government 145 years to pay it all off with our money through draconian taxes, which we all know only 3 out of 5 pay anyways at the moment....that's how much debt this Robbin For the Hood Obama and these wacko dems are racking up!!

Hell, today the Chinese, our freakin bank for all intents and purposes even complained for all the world to hear that Obamalosi Care is something America nor any other nation on this planet can afford to do....sorry to sound cold, but I agree with em as there's nothing in our bibles or constitution nor anyone else's in the free world or otherwise that says we as Americans are entitled to "Free Health Care" ........ nor should there be...and I'm crippled saying that, permanently from MS..

We weren't put here to stay forever as death has always been and always will be part of the journey,  so we can't save everyone everywhere as much as we all would love to do that. It simply cannot be done for one thing,   so people simply have to work as hard as they can manage, have only things they can afford and that means kids first and foremost Obamaland, and sadly prepare for the worst sometimes in order to protect their families and themselves

Simply enough if everyone who's of sound mind and able body takes care of their own backyards, we get rid of trial lawyers, then institute tort reform and watch those astronomical insurance costs go down across the board 50% saving the entire medical food chain trillions of dollars.

In addition they could easily make the FDA drug approval process less laborious and less red tape laden, then the drug companies won't have to recoup their costs for 20 years lowering those costs which are out of this world...Again I know, I take a therapy through self injection daily that costs 25,000 a year and I paid 350 a month co pay before I said FU** THIS> 

Now I'm walking again so go figure that one out......

We help the people that absolutely can't fend for themselves, get rid of every single illegal alien we can locate and deport, and maybe, just maybe then we can start talking about being able to afford some kind of nationwide health care initiative... but not now in order to secure the votes for liberals of the urban areas that ACORN rules and 12 million grateful illegal aliens who will probably meet Obama pencil pushers at the immigration centers the second they walk in for their Green Cards to sign em right up to the New American Communist party ..AKA the democrats...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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