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Friday, November 13, 2009

Gitmo 9/11 suspects heading to NY trial, (Talk About Attack Magnets)

That's my only concern about bringing these lowlives up from Club Gitmo where they're safe and tucked away outside the reach of the liberals and our country, and that is the potential for some lone wolf local terrorist wannabe to take it upon themselves to Martyr the whole entire shabang with some kind of deadly disruption of some degree.....I just hope and  pray they have that situation handily and entirely under control.

As far as I'm concerned, I say why not just cut these scumbags loose at Madison Square Garden during a Rangers game this weekend, and then send em into Harlem for a night, and their days would be up for good saving the country and NYC some grief and more wasted money on these bums, not to mention exacting some old fashioned American street justice.....

Instead,  the feds are dragging these terrorists into the states and down the block from Ground Zero, which is bad idea for a number of reasons, mostly as it's still a memorial more to the terrorists deadly work that day than it is a tribute to the fallen yet....in other words still one big hole in the ground thanks to this mofo and his tribe..and the thought of them outliving the rejuvenation of the site makes me madder than hell.

OOPS! Wrong Clump Of Scum....

 I'm sorry, that's not Khalid Sheik Muhammad, that's Rosie O'Donnell as you can plainly see,  who's by the way been asked to stay away from New York City while "Sheik Yo Mamma" and the rest of these sand jockeys' are in court for obvious security reasons...There's also been some rumors that Rosie may even play this man in the "NBC made for tv movie"   after they're all put to death once and for all hopefully sooner than later

There's sure a striking resemblance and I'd be willing to bet they smell a lot alike as well. Death to SOB is my final word on this .....for now...lol

Another big worry, what if somehow someway this son of a bitch and his buddies are found innocent by a jury of bleeding heart pillow puffing liberals on some jury hoping to pay back George Bush or some Muslim on the jury won't convict him.... I thought we learned not to do this in open civilian courts from before?

No one sent Obama the memos from the Moussaoui trial and part time Islamic circus?

I guess not.  Just pray our God is better than theirs and these killers all get the death penalty and swift painful execution...Congressman Peter King, R of New York said this morning "this could be the biggest mistake a president of this country ever made"....I tend to agree.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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