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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Father of Michael Jackson molestation accuser dead in Jersey City Apartment Nov 5th

This man Evan Chandler,  father of Jackson's initial accuser Jordy was a real piece of work it's starting to be confirmed as never before as from the sounds of things said in this article and around the internet, he wont be missed after offing himself a couple weeks ago. Why the public wasn't informed for weeks is a little unusual to say the least? How and why this was kept a secret is a story in itself I would think?.

Especially since this man and his son are probably the two most responsible people for the rapid and wicked unraveling of Michael Jackson's  mostly fairy tale life and career minus this ugly crap, and frankly I ALWAYS thought this family was full of **** from top to bottom and extorted the singer then and I believe onward.

My take is he (the father) must have run outta cash himself, and now that the Jackson cashcow is long dead, and his son Jordy, to the right who I believe was  put up to the Jackson scam, probably has trouble looking at himself in the mirror for quite some time (no Jackson man in the mirror pun intended, but it works) and that's what caused the severe rift within the family since that's covered in the story.

A guilty conscience sure can be a bitch to live with they say.....

I'm sure there's no sadness for his demise from the Jackson family and certainly not his fans, that much is evident from the cursory research I've done since Jackson's death on the internet and this morning in particular around the world

For instance story that's been around that indicates the then child lied about the abuse....and I would think anyone with a semblance of humanity would have trouble living with such a wicked web of lies these people seem to have concocted  ...Let me make clear  I'm not a Jackson sycophant by any means which you can verify by previous postings on the subject I've  composed over the years here, as I always thought he was screwed by these people as he was the ones that followed  ...

jackson and chandler in an old old picture from the time of the alleged abuse took place

I said then and always have ......"Welcome to Shakedown City"

There's an old saying that the only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead.....Well that's two..... so maybe the kid comes clean now so he's not the next casualty with a gun in his mouth on the news next week or the week after.
Father of Michael Jackson molestation accuser found dead in Jersey City, New Jersey: "The father of the boy who once accused Michael Jackson of molestation has committed suicide, authorities said today.

Beverly Hills dentist Evan Chandler, 65, was found dead in Jersey City, NJ, in a luxury waterfront apartment.

A Jersey City official said Chandler was found in bed with a single gunshot wound to his head. He was still holding the gun when the body was found.

A source confirmed the death, which occurred on Nov. 5.

Police said it does not appear that he left behind a suicide note.

The former dentist and aspiring screenwriter had several cosmetic procedures, rendering him virtually unrecognizable from the way he looked since the Jackson matter, a family source said.

Chandler regularly self-administered botox and cosmetic facial fullers.

'He was a handsomer version of Rob Lowe. That's how drop-dead handsome he was [after the plastic surgeries],'' the source said.

In the early 1990s, Chandler reported Jackson to the authorities in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, claiming the King of Pop molested his son, who was just 13 at the time.

Both launched investigations into the allegations and convened a grand jury to look into the sex abuse charges.

The boy and and his father also brought a civil suit against Jacko.

Jackson reportedly settled the case for $15 million.

The boy, now 29, has never spoken publicly about the case. In recent years, Jordan has reconnected with his mother — about the same time he and dad Evan had a massive falling out, sources said.

Jordan Chandler claimed his dad attacked him with a dumbbell weight and got a restraining order against his pop in fall 2006."

A little family tension living with the massive lies and guilt for ruining a man's life with false charges can lend itself to lots of infightiing and distrust if not outright bribery amongst one another.....just a couple thoughts on who I and others had pegged for a real POS a long time ago....He, Evan Chandler should have some fun rotting in hell for offing himself and ruining the lives of many many others..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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