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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crime Pays For Pirates as $3.3M ransom paid for 36 Spanish hostages

Spain has really been run over by political pussies just like most of the formerly free nations around the world,  as you'll recall they started their long run on the "trail to wussiness" when they chose a socialist leader after the Al Queda executed Madrid train bombings altered their elections during the Bush administration, leading to their bailing out of Iraq and now to crap like this.

This shot says it all...I'm sure those pirates are shakin in their knee high boots seeing these chickies, Spain's Defence Minister Carme Chacon (L) and Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega on the case from Euroweenie land....  BOO!   lol

This led me to write that country off right next to France's leadership at the time (Jock Strap Chirac you recall I'm sure, who hated America with a passion then and still does, (like many liberals in the country here who worship France and other Euro trash) as lapdogs of the terrorists, which explains why they shelled out 3.3 million dollars to Somali Pirates in the past couple days, which proves that in the world of spineless Socialist wussies in power around the world including here.... crime pays.

On the other hand, were I were in charge of this show I would send the US Navy out on the high seas to destroy every single non merchant allied flagged ship as a threat to commerce, no mercy. And then upon completion of the mission I would then send the rest of the world the bill for our brave Navy men and women ridding the high seas of tyranny since they can't handle the job and haven't been able to since WWII.

What has happened to the defenses of these countries is the same thing happening to America, and that is leaning on big Brother America to clean up their messes and protect them from destruction from the evil amongst us..and now America has joined the pussy train and the only thing standing between us and pointing at Mecca 5 times a day is the military, and through no fault of the soldiers, even they have hopped on the Utopian Pussy Train..

- Yahoo! News: "MOGADISHU, Somalia – A self-proclaimed pirate and a village elder in Somalia say that pirates holding a Spanish trawler and 36 hostages have been paid $3.3 million, and are freeing the ship and crew.

A Somali villager named Ali Ahmed Salad says 12 armed pirates who have been holding the ship the last six weeks left it shortly after noon Tuesday and joined colleagues near the town of Haradhere.

Ali Gab, a self-proclaimed pirate, says a boat delivered $3.3 million in ransom. Gab says pirates began leaving the ship and he believes it is free.

Gab says a Spanish warship nearby watched the proceedings." continued

What kind of "warship" watches a ransom be paid from a safe distance? What a bunch of spineless momos/ they count on another hijacking as can the rest of the "Euro Peeons" thanks to making piracy a high paying profession once again 400 years later from the last historical period of high seas terror.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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