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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Census Worker Death Smear Debilitates Liberal Credibility

As if they ever should have possessed any as all their myths come unraveling apart and this is just the latest...There's better things already out there covering this and Michelle Malkin's piece below my comments is great, as she called it on the blog that day as a fraud, and she was absolutely correct..

I killed the Kentucky Census worker - along with every conservative in America (michellemalkin.com)

And of course cyber raped by the left for her bold assertion.

Remember this was the census worker with FED scrawled in his chest now known and confirmed to  have been done by himself before making his most cowardly exit from this life, scoring what he hoped would be brownie points for the loons and for that he's on the "big man's" sh** list for eternity.

And of course as they've done time and time again in their zeal to locate conservative haters in the military and elsewhere clamping on to Jesse McBeth types as they took "his coward's bait" and ran "like a chicken from the Colonel" with this kinda' stuff pictured below from MM's site, by turning him into some martyr like the moronic Islamic's.

Michelle Malkin: "Reminder: This was the smear graphic spread on far Left blogs that accuses prominent conservatives of contributing to the death of Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman. Note the caption at the bottom: “He reaped what they sowed.”"
This lefty coward killed himself I'm sorry to say, not any right wing bogeyman listed on that poster which will make fine evidence in some hefty lawsuits one would think, that's quite a smear to make as they so often do and get away with..they're the fucking fascists in this land....

Maggie's Notebook has another great post on this massive smear from the left entirely discredited like Obama, Global Warming, the whole "kit and Kaboodle" has blown up in their faces.......

UPDATED.....This now from Malkin's site...this guy didn't even have cancer, a bigger coward and liar than previously thought, which incidentally makes him yet another in a long line of liars turned hero's to the loons. As a disabled man with crippling Multiple Sclerosis this coward makes me sick.
More fakery: Dan Riehl notes that law enforcement officials say there was no evidence he had cancer, as he had claimed to family, friends, students, and neighbors.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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