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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ACORN Aims to Tip New Jersey Election in Corzine's Favor ? ...Jersey Conservatives Must Blanket The Polls Today

The elections in Virginia seem to all be tipping in the favor of a Republican clean sweep in Gov and Lieutenant Gov which is great great news for America and Jefferson's Virginia.  However,  the close shave shaping up in New Jersey was a blowout tipping to the republican challenger Chris Christy right up until a third party candidate got involved and is sucking off votes from the best candidate as it usually does, which has brought the race razor close this morning of the vote.

And just like the national election with ACORN fraud all over the country (that was so massive they haven't even begun to scratch the surface of it yet) the same is being applied up in Jersey today as well, as ACORN mobilizes the fraudsters and buses em all to the polls today to tip the election in the favor of the lear jet liberal incumbent, multi/multi millionaire Jon "Goldman Sachs" Corzine...

Just like they did in Minnesota during last years general as well which ultimately resulted in the defeat of Norm Coleman and election of super sick clown Al Franken after months and months of jerking off the vote counts until the dem finally won by fraud.

So in light of that expected news, lets hope and pray conservatives mobilize today as much as they, and get out there to hand a loss not only to Corzine, but also sending a big message to Hussein Obama, that simply pulling a "Copenhagen"(bopping in and out of town for a short messiah sighting) like he did here in Jersey and flying into towns across America at our expense all next year to throw his endorsements their candidate's way will be more harmful than help.

A move of which in turn will save the taxpayers not only tens of millions in Air Force One bills but save the republic at the same time by countering the ACORN fraudsters vote manipulation until we can get some conservatives back in DC to shut that ***hole down for good and send some of those people to some federal housing that they love so much for 20 to life.

Just one more note on fraud and intimidation......hopefully voters won't be encountering any of this seeing the importance of these elections today of which they're all well aware you can be sure....

ACORN Aims to Tip New Jersey Election in Corzine's Favor: "Fearing a potentially devastating Democratic loss, the highly controversial Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) group and its affiliated organizations are gearing up to tip the scales and re-elect embattled incumbent in the hard-fought New Jersey gubernatorial race, sources tell Newsmax.

'Acorn is heavily involved in Gov. Jon Corzine's get-out-the-vote operation, but is maintaining a low profile at the insistence of the Corzine campaign,' Matthew Vadum, senior editor of the conservative Capitol Research Center think tank, tells Newsmax. 'If Corzine manages to win reelection, he doesn't want the victory tainted by his close association with Acorn.'

Wall Street Journal columnist and author John Fund wrote Tuesday that 'Plenty of reasons exist for suspecting absentee fraud may play a significant role in tomorrow's Garden State contests.'

According to Fund, Acorn-linked groups from neighboring Pennsylvania and New York 'appear to have moved into the state.'"   continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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