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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

O'Reilly On Rush Limbaugh Smears from the left loons

This from the league who welcomed a dog killer with open arms and would still market OJ somehow if they could get away with it.....and this is what Roger Goodell calls a family environment and the protection of the brand and class in the NFL?

Oops, wrong picture there, and I'll bet that's one I'm sure the NFL isn't selling in their gift shops and online stores are they? However......

Oh, but you can buy a cute little Vick Dog jersey for your pup to remind you of this guy around the house every day instead of just Sundays from football player to convicted felon in prison right back to million dollar football player and their worried about Rush Limbaugh? GIVE ME A F"N BREAK...

So anyways,  this video is on the attempts at silencing of Rush Limbaugh from the left and the PC NFL politics, where we've just now discovered there are also owners in the group who march to George Soros's drum apparently just like congress and this president...

Irsay, the owner of what were the Baltimore Colts, the man who picked up shop and  fled Baltimore in the darkness of the night to Indianapolis, we football fans all remember well for starters, and this is the man along with Roger Goodell talking about the dignity of the NFL owners club...........screw him and the million dollar horse he rode in on...

It's also a move thanks to the left which assures the continued employment keeping down the African American community courtesy of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two hacks who we all thought would be rendered useless after the election of a Black president supposedly..

video link

Friend and blogger FOUTSC at Neitschke's Dead has a great post on this subject I've ignored called "Hush Rush: Bigotry Goes Equal Opportunity":

....that was until the race baiters and left loons were successful in their reverse racist smears of Limbaugh. If they can silence him the rest of us will be a piece of cake/ From the Radio Equalizer came this quote along with the WAPO Sharptoon Video...
Were the fabricated racist statements and overall smear campaign simply added to camouflage the real (partisan political) agenda

Oben's revelation comes a day after news that Barack-tart Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas was given the green light to purchase a portion of the Miami Dolphins.

I personally hope  he sues the hell out of those 2 lowlife street reverends and others for damaging his name with these false, unproven smears and innuendo, nothing but false leftward loon claims that by the way NO ONE can produce tapes of which is noted in the video by the way,  minus the ill advised truth he spoke about Donovan McNabb.....the most recorded man in America yet no tapes...

So it looks like yet again in the Age of American Idol Obama, "Bullshit Rules"....

And the hits keep coming on this post .........as we now know according to this statement made on the Al SharpToon as in cartoon show today basically confirms that all Obama Criticizers need not apply....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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