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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sights, Sounds and Thoughts From September 11, 2001 (+ video)

For starters, to commemorate September 11 2001, here's a video this somber morning featuring some sights and sounds we all should hope and pray we never see and or hear again... at least on our American soil if not anywhere for that matter...this is a tribute to 9/11 set to some haunting music from Pink Floyd..Goodbye Blue Sky....

Yet in spite of that tragedy, since the inauguration, the Obama administration has seriously vilified and degraded our ability to attract the very best of the best intelligence people needed for this dirty and deadly job of eliminating Islamic Fundamentalist killers here and around the world.

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue should this present administration be tested like we all were on 911? God Almighty help us all.

It's a messy job no one wants to do, even for our "bestest"(sic) and bravest military men and women who are there day in and day out fighting their asses off for us, our freedom and liberty regardless of what they or their families want, because that's what they do, and why we LOVE them all so much....

And fight on they do, in spite of the left's constant uncalled for political drumbeat of Anti Bush and Military rhetoric for 8 solid years ultimately leading to the Great Mistake Of ' 09, even continuing after president Bush is now 7 months retired and a 1000 miles away from the White House of today, or should I dare say of yesteryear.

So with this appeasing, orchestrated dissection of the successful Bush - Cheney security apparatus that was solidly in place after that day through Jan 19, 2009, one of which kept the country safe post 911 mind you

implying that should this tragic scene ever happen again in the near future, then sadly Mr Obama, his administration along with his far left loon Kangaroo congress will own every bit of it, all of it's Blood, Sweat and Tears... yet it'll be "we the people" who will all pay the price, hopefully not with our lives.

Just like the poor and innocent 2996 souls who perished on that God forsaken day who and which we remember today and every day on this blog at least as well as many tens of thousands of other conservative offerings on the web, and will continue to do so no matter what the frick this administration decides to call it next year (National day of service and remembrance covered yesterday)

All I have to say at this point, now 8 years out from that misery, from this man's perspective in many ways the terrorists won that round big, despite the fact we came to town in the Middle East for some payback and cleanup work that surprisingly continues still on Obama's watch. So apparently it (the wars) must have all been necessary far more than the left would have ever admitted before.....

and yet they STILL refuse to face the evil that is amongst us everywhere we turn today, acting all along as Churchill once famously stated:

"An appeaser is someone who feeds the alligators hoping they'll eat them last.."

It's not our military prowess that lacks, but that old American killer spirit to defeat our enemies quickly and completely instead opting for appeasement and outlandish expectations from the first responders, such as forcing our soldiers into ridiculous combat requirements while fighting Islamic enemies who break all rules anytime, anywhere...

Let's not even mention the fact that Ground Zero still sits hauntingly incomplete as nothing more than a testament to their evil and hatred for you and me, simple as that.

So in closing..... I simply want to remember all 2996 victims on that day of unprovoked aggression, committed against the most charitable and loving people on the planet earth that Tuesday morning. I pray today and every day for each and every victim through this blog, (including 6 family friends lost in the South Tower that morning) and ask God for sympathy for the loved ones of those lost.....people who continue to be used by leftist special interests at just about every turn since that miserable morning exactly 8 years ago today which will likely continue as long as a president named Hussein is holding on precariously and unconstitutionally to office...

In addition, please join me in prayer that radical Islam and all it's misguided members, who've committed over 14,000 acts of terror on our planet SINCE 911 (and will likely strike somewhere on earth, even today) all rot in hell FOREVER MORE for what they did to our brothers and sisters that day .........

A day of which they still have yet to sufficiently pay....

at least to the satisfaction of the this proud American asshole from Chicago named Ray.

So my friends, in closing


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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