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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama inspires Islamists' D.C. prayer rally, thus inspiring "Islamification" of U.S.

Welcome to MusliMerica? Kinda goes with "Eurabia" doesn't it??

I on this blog and millions of others have been decrying the back assward, inside through the out door occupation of the US via Dearborn Michigan, which for those unaware is like an Islamic portal right into the US from the Middle East ,and using the useful idiots of the left to Invade most of Europe and are now exploiting the same template in the US for a long, long time.....

since about, well, NINE ELEVEN!!!!!!

As the saying goes, " everything I EVER needed to know about Islam I learned at 9 am September 11".

Now we've come from that then which we obviously just completed commemorating for the 8th time:

To This shit?!

Holy Muhammad Batman!

Why cannot people see this invasion taking place at such a rapid pace since 911 that the non Muslim victims are spinning in their graves from head to foot seeing in less than 10 years Islam made such progress here after their deaths, the president is now named Hussein and born a Muslim?

This upcoming Muslim occupation I've been bit**ing about for a week of DC surrounding our capital with their noses facing Mecca and their asses facing America like so.....

has my blood boiling so high that such an event isn't covered by the media because the climate they themselves created, that would be actually reporting the event and thus open themselves up to being called "racists" by the Muslims for opposition to their attacks on our customs in order to help speed the official Islamification of a country in denial.

Now that tactic sure sounds familiar, doesn't it?
WorldNetDaily Muslims who are working to stage the "Our Day Has Come" day of prayer at the U.S. Capitol have discussed views that include an Islamic takeover of the White House, from where they say President Barack Obama is providing their inspiration.

Building on the Islamic interest in Obama's inauguration, when Muslims claimed in a magazine that "It's our time," the event planners are calling for 50,000 Muslims to attend the 4 a.m. event on the National Mall on Sept. 25

The organizer is Hassen Abdellah, who leads a Elizabeth, N.J., mosque, and two special guests for the event, according to the website, will be Sheik Muhammad Jebril and Sheik Ahmed Dewidar.

According to the website, Jebril's degree is in Islamic Law and he learned the Quran by the age of 9.

According to blogger Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, Jebril specializes in Shariah law and served as the imam of an extremist mosque in Cairo starting in 1988.

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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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