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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Week's Sunday Show Carpetbombing Drops Ratings!

This was pretty funny picked up from a British paper and Don Suber's blog there which I read....as one has to read across the pond to get to some truth in reporting as opposed to the American media lapdogs..And while they also have their biases and share of shoddy reporting as well,  I'll take their word on Obama over our  Bill of Media fare at this juncture thank you.

Subject matter is his day long Sunday Blitzkrieg last week, and so seeing today will "Obama free" at least on the Sunday shows,  why not look at the numbers of the overexposed Messiah today......

The numbers are in for President Obama’s carpet-bombing of the Sunday TV talk shows.
Obama drew fewer viewers than the shows normally draw
His numbers (with last season’s averages in parenthesis):
NBC “MEET THE PRESS”: 3,290,000 (3,820,000)
ABC “THIS WEEK”: 3,080,000 (3,050,000)
CBS “FACE THE NATION”: 2,740,000 (2,880,000)
To be fair, the Obama-less Fox Sunday show also had a loss:
FOX “FOX NEWS SUNDAY”: 1,240,000 (1,330,000) source mediabistro


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