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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicago's Fenger High School: Fear, frustration, and anger come to campus

This is now what children and their parents are now facing at Chicago High schools across the city as helpless and innocent kids are being killed at a rate unseen in these United States and maybe, just maybe the people in this city will finally decide liberal democrats running this place have failed at their mission.

And that first and foremost includes the Messiah and his biggest cronie King Daley, the two men who are mostly responsible for this increase in violence as they spend more money and time trying to woo the Olympic committee than they are making these schools as safe as possible..

Maybe, just maybe at this juncture  they should use the old "Archie Bunker method for stopping hijackings"..... and that would be to hand out handguns at the start of each school-day so each child and teacher are also armed, and then watch the bullies run for the hills..

Here's that old sitcom spot in case you're unfamiliar with the show and the landmark episode where Archie makes the suggestion to stop handgun violence ....

It maybe a stupid idea, but I know one thing......nothing these politico's are doing is worth a damn, that's for sure and the more gun control we have the more the criminals have the upper hand, anyone can see this if the notorious and fictional Archie Bunker can.

If per chance you are unfamiliar with the weekend violence here in the Second City, you can see the beating and killing on video tape in a post I did yesterday,  and another a few days earlier, when two other kids were killed, (both were relatives and one an honor student), then this story all broke nationally, all  from the weekend violence that claimed the lives of three students, in one freaking weekend, during the first damn week of school!!!

My kind of town Chicago is? Not anymore, until Obama, Daley and his government filled with liberal dems are kicked to the curb once and for all. And Obama is talking about lengthening the school days?

Is he nuts??

I wouldn't stay an extra minute than necessary in a Chicago Public school, you could be dead the next minute or killed walking home later than normal. It's been happening ever since I was in high school when the young Dantrell Davis was killed ....walking to a Chicago Public school from the once notorious Cabrini Green High Rises that Daley's dumb assed dad built back in the 60's that this dumb assed Daley ended up finally tearing down..

chicagotribune.com: "The leisurely walk to school -- once a tradition in American education -- took on an air of fear and anxiety Monday as some Fenger High School students returned to campus for the first time since a classmate was beaten to death during a vicious melee near the school last week.

As teenagers trickled into the Far South Side high school, they talked about the dangerous route they must traverse simply for an education. And they worried about what awaited them inside the schoolhouse walls, where tensions have brewed for a month before finally exploding into the city streets on Thursday.

Many students were so afraid, they simply stayed home.  continued...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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