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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Women's 800m gold medal favourite Caster Semenya takes gender test hours before World Championship race (Is she or isn't she?)

This is the day and age we now live in, we can't even take the word of an exceptional athlete that she is a she and not a he, when just 10 or even 20 years ago science hadn't gotten into the business of genetically and physically altering human beings like they were cattle, as we're now right in the middle of a real life horror and freakshow when scientists and doctors can create human beings in a damn petri dish anytime they feel like it.

Now as far as IVF treatments and such, that's certainly a great option for those who cannot reproduce, who are also married and ready to provide the created child to be a place to live and a family to count on for life if at all possible..

But again there's always the mad and freaky scientists and doctors who will do anything for the money and notoriety, and the nutty "Octomom" is a perfect example of that freakshow possibilities which are endless...

So if and when this WOMAN turns out to be just that, a very muscular and well beyond normally conditioned woman at that, then there will be many many people standing around with massive egg on their faces for this..... and for that, this poor woman will be owed countless apologies....

Then again, back to the mad scientist and world of weird, if indeed is a man "trapped in woman's body" or whatever the hell then it will be he/she who needs to do some 'splainin to the world and some others, like his her creator perhaps.

It's a tough call and as much as I hate to disparage this person should she indeed be a woman, I believe it's a man with major identity issues and again if we weren't into this gender bending time we live in this wouldn't be an issue.

When Men were Men and Women were Women.... a day long gone in our lifetimes.....

Mail Online: "A female runner accused of being a man tonight took gold in the 800m World Athletics Championship.

South African Caster Semenya, 18, had to take a gender test after doubts were raised about her sex.

But despite the furore, she easily took gold in the final in Berlin.

The teenage sensation has sparked controversy over her strikingly muscular physique.

Today officials at the world athletics body, the IAAF, revealed that it ordered her to take a gender test three weeks ago.

IAAF spokesman Nick Davies confirmed the tests were taking place, though he said the results would not be confirmed for several weeks.

Until the results are confirmed, there was nothing to prevent Semenya from competing in tonight's final, he said.

He added: 'At this moment in time we do not have any evidence to stop her running.'

South African athletics chiefs furiously denied the claims and stated Semenya was definitely female." more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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