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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

William Frigidaire Jefferson Convicted of Bribery This Afternoon

Well, we predicted this many moons ago when I put together this little photoshop for a post among many I did when this man was initially charged with bribery and other nefarious activities after the feds who had been watching Jefferson for some time discovered $90,000 of cold and hard cash embedded in the congressman's Frigidaire, hence my nickname for the lying and cheating LA disgrace..

Hopefully he enjoys his stint in a LA prison and I say lets now move on to the Bahama mama known as Charlie Rangel for his massive malfeasance while he runs the over powerful House Ways and means committee, a position once held by another old timin' Chicago player, and crook extraordinaire known as Dan Rostenkowski .

Did someone say Culture Of Corruption? I thought not. It's about time republicans adopt that strategy towards 2010 and would sweep the offices clean if they run on a platform of House hearings on the dem created banking crisis as well as for the bailouts, Stimuli package and the other criminal enterprises being run out of OUR US Capital building by these radicals led by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama.

CNN.com - "Former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana today was convicted on 11 of the 16 corruption charges against him. He was acquitted on five counts including wire fraud and obstruction of justice. 'We always thought that a powerful piece of evidence in this case was $90,000 in a freezer,' the U.S. attorney said. full story"


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