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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Warning to The Young and Addicted.."17-year-old boy suffers heart attack after cocaine abuse"

In fact this goes for adults as well I guess.....

For starters, I don't know how I feel about the public paying for the pacemaker of a young British man (Boy) fitted due to his supposed £200 cocaine habit, but as a former addict myself I can understand how this can befall almost anyone at anytime. It can be a rough road if not corrected.

However, to pull oneself from society's scrapheap, one must first begin to immediately take personal responsibility for one's bad behavior either be it the past, present or future and start by making amends to the long line of likely victims of one' abuse, getting on the right path and never waver even once as I've been fortunate enough to do in my life decades ago along with millions of others by the grace of God.

However I didn't suffer a massive heart attack as did this kid apparently did, and another thing that jumped at me in this story was asking myself where the 17 year old comes up with this extrordinary amount of cash per week to support such a habit bad enough to trigger this extreme medical attention and care.......how about an enabling Mommy & Daddy anyone?

THEY and only they should be footing the bills for their problem child, not society as right off the bat the child and parents get the message that the Nanny State will pick up all the bills and clean up the messes that the kid and many others just like him leave behind in their wake, figuring they too will all be saved from "end zone to end zone" just like this kid was given

A couple decades ago he's dead today.

In fact look at this statement from the article

His mother Shelly, 34, only learned of his addiction when he collapsed in agony clutching his chest.
17-year-old boy suffers heart attack after cocaine abuse

Mail Online: "A 17-year-old boy had to be fitted with a pacemaker after cocaine abuse brought on a massive heart attack.

Teenager Tom Bertram came horrifyingly close to death after developing a £200-a-week habit.

His mother Shelly, 34, only learned of his addiction when he collapsed in agony clutching his chest. Doctors battled to save his life but warned the damage to his heart had been permanent."

Just last month, figures revealed the shocking extent of cocaine abuse amongst children with overdoses in youngsters soaring 400 percent in the last decade.

‘The doctors said if I took cocaine again I could die but I’d never do that. I know I’m lucky to be alive', said Tom, who has now turned 18.

‘I regret putting my family through so much heartache. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance and I’m determined to use it.’


* Cocaine cost executive Clare Shaw her career, her friends, her husband and even her daughter

Tom of Portsmouth in Hampshire first began experimenting with cannabis as a 14 year-old schoolboy. Up until this time he was a keen footballer but lost interest in sport. His mother put his mood swings down to teenage angst.

‘We’d go to the park after school and someone would have got some from an older brother, he said.

‘I was curious to try it – soon I was buying it from mates and smoking it every day. I kept it in a box in my room and was paranoid about mum discovering it. But my mates and I smoked for years and never got found out.’ continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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