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Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama Falters, MSM Shields ....CNN Sources: Drill, gun used to coerce in CIA prisons

We'll be seeing more and more of this type of digging into how the war on terror has been fought up until Obama came to town, like this article from CNN this morning that's attempting to change the news cycle off of the democrats' faltering policies.

as they, in concert with the Obama administration, again and again resort to that good old tried and true "It's Big Bad Bush's Fault" razzle dazzle to distract us all from the real problems these people are leaving in their socialist, nanny state wake.

And as you might have already guessed I'm not buying what they're selling, as a matter of fact I never did and never will.....as September 11 proved that point far too gruesomely for this American's taste and for most other patriotic to the bone conservatives out there with me.

Don't be fooled by these repeated "flea flickers", and while keeping our eyes on that "Obama Health Care bouncing ball" also thank our lucky morning, noon and night stars that a president like George W Bush, the heroes at the CIA, FBI and our other unparalleled intelligence agencies kept America and the rest of the helpless world safe since 911.

A feat of which the present group is still riding the coattails of by the way.

Meanwhile, they simultaneously disassemble the security apparatus' of the Bush era as the try to destroy the very people that make this country and the world for that matter safe from the radical Islamic Muslim evil amongst us everywhere we turn at every corner of the earth to simply placate the far left and some Europeans who can't even protect themselves from danger without our help and hard earned tax dollars..

Whenever these lefties and the MSM attack the Bush administration's stellar and bad assed security efforts, I'm always reminded of the scene in A Few Good Men in which the Jack Nicholson played Colonel Jessup says this seen in the video to the snotty a**ed Tom Cruise character Lieutenant Daniel Caffey Caffey, who (most will recollect) finds himself in this situation of being lectured by a colonel on what it takes to "stand a post on a wall facing people trained to kill them all" while protecting our country and the freedom we all enjoy, even for those who don't deserve it nor earn it.

The most pertinent part of the video of which I'm alluding to in this post begins precisely at the 1:20 mark fyi

As the Nicholson character said, the left and peacenicks "just dont know what it takes to protect a nation, using them as cocktail party fodder and punchlines"...also adding these intelligence people and of course our military would prefer a simple thank you for their tireless and deadly work they all do day in and day out to protect our asses for very little reward financially.

Instead people like Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Jamie Gorelick and a host of other lefties would prefer to hang 'em all out to dry for simply whatever it takes to keep us all alive each day unlike the unfortunate 2996 on September 11 which brings me to wondering how exactly the fateful day will be recognized now that the Super Patriot president Bush and his so called evil sidekick VP Cheney are part of our history.

Men who will go down in history as one of our best presidents in a time of crisis after Obama and friends (*&%%$ things up over the next couple years setting the table for our next tragedy for politics sake.

CNN.com : "CIA interrogators threatened an al Qaeda prisoner with a gun and an electric drill to try to scare him into giving up information, according to an inspector-general's report due to be made public on Monday, sources familiar with the report told CNN. The interrogations took place in the CIA's secret prisons before 2006, when then-President George W. Bush moved all detainees from such facilities to the federal prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, sources said.

read the full story here

Here's the accompanying CNN video with an ACLU turncoat explaining why they think threatening deadly terrorist killers with mock executions, hammers, drills and other inanimate objects in the name of national security "Is Vewy Vewy Wong"........


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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