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Monday, August 10, 2009

NASA's Kepler Telescope, Very Cool

Here's a quite awesome shot of the sun found on CNN like we've never seen quite live like this before, except in artists' imaginations for the most part and some Astronauts that know .... cool stuff I think. Space is one crazy mystery that's taken for granted by most including myself getting more and more attention thanks to all this 007 like technology we all have available at our beck and call.

Like this new Kepler telescope at NASA that is beaming back some neat shots like the one below.

It's the glow around the planet there that is the new discovery as one would think that planet or moon is cooking it's *** off, I'm surprised it isn't entirely in flames, or melting in the sun's orbit but it is not..

Actually "the planet used in the test is a giant gas planet about the size of Jupiter that orbits a star called HAT P-7." Glad I straightened that out?...lol

CNN.com - "NASA's Kepler space telescope has already made a discovery, and its science operations aren't even officially under way yet. Its ability to detect minute changes in light has enabled scientists to determine that a planet orbiting a distant star has an atmosphere, shows only one side to its sun and is so hot it glows"


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