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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

While Media Camped At Ft Jackson, Fawcett's family and friends say goodbye

Her sad death, while anticipated was obviously still painful for her many, many fans and her family, which of coarse has been entirely overshadowed by the continuing Michael Jackson circus from the very morning her passing occurred, right through her private and dignified funeral and burial that took place yesterday in Hollywood

The media also found it appropriate to focus on the fact that Farrah's screw up of a son was uncaged by the LAPD for the day so he could say goodbye to the mother he loved so much he spent her final 6 months on earth locked up in prison for drug charges incurred while she was still alive and recovering from her many treatments attempting to stay alive while he was indulging in drug abuse. What a guy.
I'm here for the beer man....
The media should have completely ignored his presence as her friends and others cared more about her than that slug did.

May she now rest in peace.....

Fawcett's family and friends say goodbye

CNN.com: "LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Friends and family of actress Farrah Fawcett -- including longtime partner Ryan O'Neal and their son Redmond, who was temporarily freed from jail for the service -- gathered Tuesday to say goodbye.

Here's Big Al Gettin his freak on in video

Now on to the ongoing Michael Jackson family and friends week long celebration of the life of a man most of these people abandoned a long time ago for one reason or another and had these people shown Jackson this much love when he was alive he might not be dead today

People like Spike Lee and others who publicly mocked and ridiculed Jackson as he was vilified by those people for fear that defending him as an accused pedophile would harm their reputations and careers in Hollywood. How many of these people were by Jackson's ailing side when he was paraded in and out of court as an accused rapist deathly sick in his pajamas?

Not a single one of these people. Not a one.

And even as that was taking place, most of the media was still focusing and hanging on to the Jackson saga as the usual media whores were now having a battle royale over which whore would get to deliver the official eulogy, the obvious choices being Jesse "The Camera Moth" Jackson in one corner and in the other corner is the Reverend Al "I Knowd Him Betta" Sharpton

He was now famously celebrating Jackson's death while bumping and grinding with some black booty at the Apollo theater pictured here.

Get down Reverend Al...he looks terribly aggrieved in this shot, imagine the one's we haven't seen yet...

Here's some more shots of the Rev getting his his groove thang goin' for the crowds who were brought in to the Apollo theater 600 at at time so they could all grieve with the Reverend and stars like Spike Lee, who both again look overcome with grief in these couple of shots. I'm sure Jackson was happy to see these two celebrating his life by mocking his dance moves at the Apollo

Thousands Gather At Apollo Theater To Honor Michael Jackson - wcbstv.com: "Fans from all over gathered to pay tribute to Michael Jackson at Harlem's historic Apollo Theater on Tuesday, where more than 40 years ago, the Jackson Five launched its career, and effectively, a new era in pop music with the introduction to Michael.

Thousands lined up along West 125th Street with many adorned in large black sunglasses and fedora hats, while dressed in multicolored sequined vests or Jackson's trademark sparkling white glove.

Tuesday's memorial, which began at 2 p.m., featured a eulogy by the Rev. Al Sharpton. A moment of silence was called at 5:26 p.m., the time East Coast fans learned that Jackson had died." continued
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