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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

See No Evil? - Why Would Congress Nix Fed Audit? (video)

Jim DeMint and Judge Napolitano on Fox discuss and ask "why would our government block audits of the secret, unelected agency known as the "Fed" who's printing billions of dollars for Obama as we're trying to stop that Nancy Pelosi and others are inexplicably blocking this bill.

Napolitano notes we know more about the clandestine CIA as than we do about this Monster known as the Fed that even congress can't or won't stop. This is transparency?

See No Evil? - FOXNews.com: "'
Pleasure short despite growing pressure from the house and ordinary people the Senate decided not to increase scrutiny on the Federal Reserve. They actually block the bid on procedural grounds. To have the Government Accountability Office audit the Federal Reserve. And initial report. Here's Republican senator Jim D'Mint -- welcome to the program.

Why should the Federal Reserve. Be audited.'" The value of our dollars our whole economic system rides on this unelected secret agency -- Federal Reserve. We're not sure what they're doing right now and Ron Paul in the house with the over half of the house signing up is co sponsors Indian Bernie Sanders in the Senate. Are pushing the idea of a complete -- the Federal Reserve. Because frankly a lot of us it here in this country and around the world Arkansas just concerned that we're gonna destroy. The American dollar and the worldwide reserve currency. How how."

" How is it that and legislation that has more than half the members of the house behind it. And as proposed by a staunch conservative Republican like you. And an independent socialist like Bernie Sanders is stopped on the floor of the Senate cold. Before you can even formally introduce it before you can make a speech in favor of."

" If we can get the Federal Reserve under control it would make it more difficult for the Obama administration. I think to carry out. Continued spending growing debt. Because one thing we're concerned about as a Federal Reserve what we'll do what we call monetize the -- basically print money by our own dead as a country. And the value of the dollar that way and I think if we open the doors of the Federal Reserve it might make it much more difficult for this administration. To can continue this reckless spending."

" If you want I have discussed this before and I have argued that the job of the CIA. Is to steal and to keep secrets. And we know more about the CIA that we do about the Federal Reserve. The Obama administration not only doesn't want the Federal Reserve audited. It now wants to put the power to regulate all financial institutions banks insurance companies brokerage houses into the hands of this super secret bank. What are they afraid we might see. If we get a chance to look at their books."

" This is our descent this issue is not necessarily. Just the Federal Reserve or health care whatever we're talking about it is control. And the administration is increasingly expanding its control on the Federal Reserve which is supposed to be independent. If we start the audit process in congress has more oversight of what's going on. Then we get those checks and balances that are important here at the federal level

But there's too much secrecy to to an agency that controls our whole economic destiny in this country. And judge they have a death grip on our banks right now the Federal Reserve regulators are tightening of credit making it difficult for these banks to land. They're killing commercial real estate development and there's nothing congress can do about it because we don't really have the authority to to -- the."

" What is the chance that the bill that now has. 250. Co sponsors in the house will someday have 51. Co sponsors and the --"

" I don't think we need 51 co sponsors. I think all we need is to get it up for a vote in most senators would be ashamed to vote against it. So I'm gonna keep bringing it up as amendments to different bills and if we can get it on a senate bill and -- the house side that. I'm Nancy Pelosi is gonna keep this from coming up in the house I think no matter how many co sponsors they get. Just because I think he's cooperating with the Obama administration. To keep the secrets that the Federal Reserve doesn't want us to know about."

" Senator Jim -- thanks very much. I gotta -- I am just sick and tired of secrecy and the government and the Federal Reserve is the worst. And the government have to pass the congress has to pass this legislation is the governor about to put a choke hold."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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