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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Three Defining Moments in Video

To me musically, there's three defining things in the life of Michael Jackson, the anthem he sang as a young child with his brothers that people still sing and know today, "I'll be there".

The second was his performance on the Motown 25 special where he broke away from the Jackson 5 for good, which led to the "All Jackson decade" of most of the eighties, which many of the people hanging on today didn't experience, but I did and it was OK, then.

Let's not relive it too much>

The third was his penning of the song We Are The World with Lionel Ritchie which was right before the beginning of the end of a near normal Jackson..This video contains every musical star living at the time from the rock and roll era from the 1940's in one room, a feat which will never be duplicated.

For that he deserves much accolade, and was a testament to his unmatchable star power. Then.

The rest of it starting in 2002 was and will always be sad and sorrowful to say the least..... that such a talented man who leaves behind an awesome catalog of music mostly made from his love for music and heart we will hear until the days we die, was such a tortured soul

And now today being carted around to what may be a wonderful tribute but likely will turn into a not so dignified send off containing some who truly loved the man all his life and some has been's looking for a career starter at this place/

All I hope is that this is the end of the out of control Jackson worship, and may this poor tortured musical genius rest in peace after this today....... and may the vultures who then continue to fight to pick at his dead yet wealthy corpse for the next 50 years hopefully rot

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By the end of the day the most memorable thing besides all the talented people paying tribute was is his child calling him daddy, which was sad for any human.

This poor little girl and her siblings should now get every dime "their father" ever made and ever will and no one else, but probably wont and to them it won't replace him.
And this by the way was Jackson at her age today back then, and already he was a worldwide music star.. All in all, through the entire thing, there's not too many people in the world who have been through what Jackson was and lived forever to talk about it all .

Who wouldn't be nutty after all that shi& and money, It claimed Elvis, Lennon in a different way, Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, and far many others.... so there's a common thread or many that can't be ignored or glossed over..

So this man child is gone....Rest is Peace Michael, Now if only the other real dangers and problems the world and this country are facing (including it's president in name only) can get back on the front page please......... including on this blog when I said wouldn't do this sh** and I did./

Michael sure never got on the Obama train come to think of it....Gee, I wonder why? Think they were avoiding him like the plague? You tell me that charitable Motown black man wouldn't have done shows for Obama if not the embarrassment they thought he would surely be..now they love all love him to death. pun intended

They weren't there for him then when he needed them, but he was there for them.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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