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Friday, July 31, 2009

Looks Like My Turn To Be "Ambushed"

I've Been Ambushed!

I've been ambushed by my friend Maggie at of coarse Maggie's Notebook, so now I must belatedly tell you all about 7 things that I love, and then apparently tag 7 of my friends to do the very same.

I, like Maggie am to play this a bit of my own spin and simply name the 7 very most important things I love which will likely fall in line with most of the others yet it's tough to be original with these Blogger's Reindeer games, so he goes nothing.

Things I Love

1. First of all I of coarse love my family, although losing my beloved mother of 62 far too soon on my birthday in 2007 was a real blow, she still lives on within our regular holiday gatherings and kids sports outings and the likes, not to mention the work her two fully grown sons do today in her honor, and love within the many others who survive her in my fairly large Chicago and New York brood

2. Again Like Maggie, I too love my books, mostly of the conservative political bent, as this little pic this morning of the corner of my desk can attest to my latest reading material ;)

After growing up a little on the liberal side with a conservative family through college, I've had enough liberal reading in my days of UVA in the late 80's...so it's all conservative fare for me for now, thank you..

3. I love playing the guitar and always have, 3o years now of playing for fun and pay is a long time without a hit record I must confess ;) lol

4. I love single and beautiful American women and always will, which has much to do with this 44 year old still being single himself :( .....although anyone interested can get in touch with me at .......

5. I love this country almost as much as life itself, and I really despise with a passion what's now being done to her in the name of fairness and so called "equality"....

There are winners and losers in life, and I miss our America we grew up in that was always filled with mostly WINNERS, not losers as many would characterize today's bunch I'm afraid.

6. I love the Chicago Bears football and the seasons filled with misery and yet great camaraderie we don't often see as much as we would like...the cold winter mornings building up to the games that are most thoroughly enjoyed within the not so friendly confines of Soldier Field. But instead usually done by most Chicagoans half baked on the couches across the Chicagoland if not the rest of the country at times.

I also love the Chicago Cubs simply because they're the Cubs, and a home team as crappy as they are year after year needs all the help and love they can muster season after season.

7. And to round off my 7 I must admit I actually love blogging very much as well....I especially dig all the great friends and cool people like the 7 listed below that I've met and read while doing this, those who are a small sampling of my favorite blogs.

Places included in the growing list of sharp and patriotic conservatives which I visit daily which are now numbering in the near a hundred sites I scour each and every day as part of this endeavor, again one of which has made my life richer in both mind and spirit as far as I'm concerned...

Now for the 7 Blogs

So first off I name the lady who nailed me with this thing (lol Maggie) who is obviously exempt from this exercise having already done it, although must be included as it's one of the very first stops I make when browsing the blogs..... so here we go.....

(A) Maggie's Notebook who's pic idea I hijacked as well (thanks Maggie :>)

The second one is my buddy Foutsc, who blogs in a number of locations, is not only a patriot but a proud US Military Vet, so please salute him and his service to our great country by visiting ..

(B) Nietzsche is Dead

The third is another friend I've met through blogging here who is almost another fellow Chicagoan, is a great writer and like like my friend Foutsc is also a proud and tough US Vet, so even though most already do, please salute this Vet and friend named Clay here at his main blog called

(C) BBCW or Bungalow Bills Conservative Wisdom

the fourth is another blogging friend and one of the first "Dude's" I met a long while back blogging, a fellow New Yorker (spent 8 years as a child in the NY area) and he too is one of our best conservative bloggers and ranting righties out there, and again I say most know the man as DD2.... and his most excellent blog can be found below..

(D) Our World As We See It...

Number 5 is someone I like to check out most every day and she is a fellow Chicagoan who has a blog dedicated to her husband's line of work as one of Chicago's finest and she's always been a real sweetheart to me, she goes by the moniker Second City Wifey who you can find here

(E) Second City Wifey

The sixth one I'm listing here is another person who blogs as well, and also visits and comments a lot which I appreciate, in fact so much that I'm laying this on him and hope you check out this good man over here who calls himself PTG and knows something about everything that you can check here. Also writing there is Angela who is equally as interesting as PT. check it out...

(F) Plains Feeder

And to round out the seven I read this one as well everyday, and it's the blog of a California single mom of 6 , who, if she nurtures the same way she writes her blog she's probably a real kick ass mom if not the most beautiful one on the block ;) ....

That's Opus 6 and she blogs most excellently if you ask me..check her here if you please.


To all I appreciate the support, and will continue supporting you all as well, right until our job is done and beyond I hope....

Please to those of you friends out there not mentioned here, I do read all the blogs that I link to, and to those of you who link to me, REALLY... So if you're reading me, rest assured I'm reading yours, and hopefully all together while becoming friends and allies, we can also kick some ass and take this country back the democratic way, starting in 2010...



The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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