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Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Huffington Post Apologizes for Offensive Sarah Palin Article"... More like sorry we got caught

The left can't even let this woman leave her office with dignity because the thousands and thousands of left wing lawyers with nothing to do all day drove her family into near bankruptcy over frivilous lawsuits and false ethics charges and wasted millions of dollars from the Alaskan people's treasury defending herself against this frivilous BS

This was what the Huffington Post printed about her resignation which was so offensive it was pulled off the website within minutes thanks to the hawks at Free Republic as you can read about below the picture of the three named moron who authored the piece titled

" Palin Will Run In '12 On More Retardation Platform"

written by HuffPo Fat fuck Erik Sean Nelson.
Here's the Free Republic thread on the article that contains some worthy commentary on the left, their absolute fright of Sarah Palin and their utter contempt for her disabled child....

Posted on Friday, July 03, 2009 11:38:59 PM by kristinn

The Huffington Post issued an apology Friday evening for an article about the resignation of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted at their website entitled, Palin Will Run In '12 On More Retardation Platform, written by HuffPo writer Erik Sean Nelson.

The Daily Dose published an e-mail apology from Mario Ruiz of HuffPo:

Due to an editorial lapse, Erik Sean Nelson’s post on Sarah Palin bypassed the normal vetting process and appeared on HuffPost — but was never featured anywhere on the site. Even though satiric works are generally given greater latitude, Nelson’s post falls outside of HuffPost’s editorial guidelines. As such, if not for the error, it would not have been approved for publication, and was removed from the site as soon as our editors became aware of it. We sincerely regret the error and any offense it might have caused.

Ruiz's statement the article was pulled by the editors contradicts claims by the author of the piece that he pulled the article within minutes of posting it:

Within 10 minutes of the post, I received 2 emails from special needs families, saw that it was hurtful and I pulled the post immediately. I apologize for offending you.

Since you wanted to know what I was going for, it was that Palin said that she was leaving the governorship because of jokes. What kind of President would she make if she couldn’t handle some bad jokes? I used her words to create a farcical situation where offensive jokes were meant to be ironic. I saw immediately that it was wrong and apologized on the site.

Tommy Christopher, the author of the Daily Dose claims his intervention on Twitter alerted HuffPo to the offensive article:

Also important is that, within 10 minutes of tweeting HuffPo editor Jason Linkins, the piece was pulled (although it took longer for it to completely disappear). On a holiday weekend, no less, that’s an amazing turnaround.

Of course, the left only cared about the article because Free Republic had brought public awareness to the nasty piece of work minutes after the article was published.

From Free Republic the outrage went viral leading to HuffPo pulling the article to ward off a PR disaster. Of course, there was no direct apology to the Palin family nor was the author fired, so HuffPo's apology appears to be a PR move and not sincere.
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