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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GA Neighbor Of The Month "Woman charged with running strip club in basement"

How'd you like to live next to this down on Georgia, one of my favorite states growing up as a kid because of Six Flags over GA and what's known as the Original Underground.

Never for the homemade strip clubs though....which supposedly took place here at this private home, which looks alright from the outside, at least for the most part....but...

It's what's inside that's allegedly the problem here, as the neighbors and police are calling this place a strip club after the cops break up some parties there, yet somethings seem to be missing from the story from my reading of it.

Like "where are the strippers?"

None arrested, so where does this supposition come from? One pissed of neighbor or two seems to be where the "strip club" allegation came from, not really the police

After reading and looking at this, all I can say is lets all hope the house's owner, shown below, left the stripping part up to some others......if there even were any in the first place, which sounds questionable to me from this .

Stripping or not Yet the underage parties are enough to shut it down to me.

ajc.com: "An alleged illegal strip club inside a Lawrenceville home attracted up to 200 people, including teenagers in the middle of the night, a neighbor said."

Jim Ferguson, who lives next door to the makeshift club, said he called police around 2:30 a.m. July 18 to complain about a noisy party.

“I heard a young woman ... yelling ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Ferguson recalled Tuesday.

He went outside and saw dozens of cars parked along his street and around the block. Teenagers were roaming around the street and the parking lot of the Georgia Power office across the road, Ferguson said.

Gwinnett County Police said the homeowner, Constance Trahan, was operating a strip club in the basement and garage of her home in the 1400 block of Purcell Road.

Police said they found a sign that read “1 Dollar Jello Shots,” along with minors consuming alcohol on July 18.

“There were about 200 people there,” Ferguson said Tuesday. “It took an hour and half to clear the house.”

Trahan was at work Tuesday afternoon and not immediately available for comment, but her friends said there is no club at the home.

“It was a regular gathering,” said Christyan Hall, who lives with Trahan. “It’s just a misunderstanding.”

Trahan, a carpenter, had just finished renovating her Lawrenceville home. She set up a lounge area for the group to relax, Hall said.

Friends threw Trahan, 28, a party to celebrate her birthday and the newly remodeled home, Hall said.

The party ended with police at the door and guests fleeing.


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