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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Biden: "Those Ukraine Girls really knock me out! They Leave the West Behind" (well, kinda)

Alright, he didn't quite sing that little line from the Beatles hit Back In The USSR when getting off the plane over in Ukraine.... but he might as well have, as this goofy headline makes it's way around the world this morning with Scranton Joe in full "Slick Willie tongue wagging mode" said this:

Biden: Ukraine women are gorgeous!:

OK, So sometimes the guy actually does tell the truth, and then again, a broken watch is right twice a day too....what's with these democrats and their constant hormonal challenges?....these guys can't get within ten feet of a woman ('cept for barney of coarse) before their animal instincts kick in.

"Vice President Biden says the women in the Ukraine are definitely babe-ushkas.

After a two-day diplomatic visit to the former Soviet state, the too-talkative veep told President Viktor Yushchenko he was blown away by the gorgeous women.

'[They're] the most beautiful women in the world. That's my observation,' Biden said.

The famously loose-lipped veep was overheard making the comment to his host during an unscheduled visit to an Irish-themed pub in the capital of Kiev."

It's certain you have so many beautiful women," the teetotaling Biden added as he sipped a Coke.

Ukrainian women haven't gotten that kind of shoutout since The Beatles praised them as knockouts in "Back in the U.S.S.R."

The kudos came as no surprise to anyone in Brighton Beach, where Ukrainian women say they are known for their style and poise.

"He came, he saw and he told the truth," said Vlada Khmarska, 20, who lives in Odessa, Ukraine, and is visiting the U.S. for the summer. "Everyone who visits Ukraine says so - Ukrainian girls are beautiful."

"I think he nailed it," added Sasha Sobolyewa, 18, a Midwood High School senior. "The women there are beautiful - tall and lean."

Biden later met with Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, the willowy blond with Princess Leia-style braids who wowed world leaders when she burst onto the scene in 2001.

Ukrainian women are often stereotyped as statuesque blonds like Tymoshenko, but Oksana Romanova said their beauty is more than just physical.

They are also known for their warm hospitality, she said.

"It's the smile, it's charisma," said Romanova, 20, also visiting for the summer.

College student Marina Kovtunenko, 18, came to Brooklyn from Odessa with her parents as a baby.

Guys are constantly bombarding her with compliments about her Ukrainian heritage.

"I don't know if it's just a pickup line, but I hear it all the time," she said. "I think it's true."

Sobolyewa, who looked classy in high heels as she picked up a coffee in Brighton Beach, said it's second nature for Ukrainian women to look their best.

"It runs through your veins - you have to look good," she said. "They send out the message they know they look good."


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