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Thursday, July 16, 2009

American Thinker Blog: If a Republican had said it...Sotomayor Malapropisms

This is a good piece Rush spent about 15 minutes bitching about from the American Thinker.

Here's three minutes of it that caught Media Matters' eye and that means he's right

American Thinker Blog: If a Republican had said it...

"Rick Moran
If you've been watching the Sotomayor confirmation hearing, you have probably been struck by the sheer number of malapropisms uttered by the nominee.

John McCormack at The Weekly Standard blog noticed too:

Ed Whelan writes:

Judge Sotomayor says 'eminent' when she means 'imminent,' 'providence' instead of 'province,' 'story of knowledge' instead of 'store of knowledge,' and so on. Does the fact that she is a Latina immunize her from attention to that sort of (admittedly not uncommon) foible?"
Interesting question.....I say no, even "hell" no. the rest is here\

Also on this subject here's a video of her butchering her sentences and meanings put together by Allahpundit From Hot Air, cited in the American Thinker post above but further down than I excepted, and a choice Sotomayor quote:

"each time I see a split infinitive, an inconsistent tense structure or the unnecessary use of the passive voice, I blister."

Now, I'm no English major nor do I pretend to be, so for me to criticize others' lack of perfect grammar and poor use of communicating skills would be rude and condescending, but then again, making fun in this particular instance is a different thing in my opinion..

You ask why and I say one reason being I myself happen to be an educated Graphic Designing, self made casual commentary writer and blogger, and the person being mocked in for some goofy mixing up similar words known as a malapropism wants to be a Supreme Court Justice and even I cringed while hearing some of this.

It reminds me of using words out of context and that's not good, for someone of this stature.

So if you and I know the difference between saying "eminent" when we mean "imminent," "and stuff like that we learned in high school and college, then she should too I would hope...... especially after such an illustrious education at high powered Universities and decades spent as a judge....... No?

She should in my world and hopefully yours too, and although she's a fine woman and highly accomplished beyond me and many others, but the very very very best person for the job?

I happen to think not...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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